Note: This is a fake article to show how this episode is made incorrectly,

The Idusa Family is a fanon season 22 episode of Supernanny! Jo helps out Linus (5)!

Discipline techniques: Naughty Swivel, Very Naughty Swivel, No Listening and VERY VERY VERY Naughty Swivel

Other techniques: Spankings, Groundings, Hot Sauce, Tabasco Sauce, Pull Ears, Outside for 1 hour, Go in hot water, Cold Showers, Going to Bed without Dinner

Rabid Panda

This image is irrelephant to the episode.

What is Wrong with this episode?Edit

First off, there are abusive techniques. They are considered to be child abuse and are not allowed. Instead, there should be no abusive techniques (unless the nanny/manny is a selfishn(m)anny) in that episode. There is also only one child in the family and the parents' names aren't added either. There are Very Naughty and No Listening Swivels. Also, exclamation marks are not necessary because it needs to be encyclopedic. Also, Linus is 5 years old and the Naughty Swivel is for older kids (15 and over). The reason why Jo came wasn't specified. Therefore, the episode is completely created incorrectly. So, if somebody has made this page and all of the content above is true, he/she will get a warning, if it continues, then (s)he will get a temporary block.

See alsoEdit

Policy to Creating Episodes

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