The visitEdit

Nicole: "The Iconics visited the Hattons Family since Paula met Cassie Hattons via Facebook."

[We see the Iconics walking up to the Hattons Family's front door and Paula knocks it]

[Cassie walks to the door and opens it]

Paula: "Hello, you must be Cassie Hattons. I saw you a week ago when the Hattons Family aired for the very first time."

Cassie: "Pleased to see you. Would you like to come in and meet my 18 adoptive kids? I also have a biological child."

Paula: "Sure, no problem."


[Cassie is setting the table]

Rico: "What are we going to eat, Mrs. Hattons?"

Cassie "I tend to make lots of dishes with help from the older kids, as I like them experiencing each other's cuisine. As well as all the other foods we will do an Italian feast but not for Giuseppe and Co as they don't deserve any food. And, Rico, darling, your mother has told me that she is not too formal and has a first-name policy, for friends, so call me Cassie, dear. We're not too formal."

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