Nicole: "The Iconic-Todaro Family visited the Fliany Family because Paula met Juliette via FaceBook."

Giuseppe and his siblings get toughEdit

[Lianne and Rita are watching PB&J Otter on TV]

Giuseppe: "Okay! You two just earned some spankings and a cold shower for watching TV!"

[Lianne and Rita quickly run upstairs to the bathroom and lock the door]

Lianne: (whispering) "If we're real extra quiet, maybe he'll go away."

Rita: (whispering) "Yeah."

[The twins are now hiding under the sink]

[Giuseppe opens the bathroom door with a key]

Giuseppe: "SURPRISE!"

[He looks around, but can't find Rita or Lianne]

[Giuseppe leaves and goes into another room]

[Rita and Lianne silently wait until Giuseppe is out of sight, and tiptoe out of the bathroom]

[The twins go into their playroom and play with their Hello Kitty plushes with the door locked]

[The twins hear Giuseppe coming and leave the playroom via window and go out into the backyard and hide in the tool shed]

Rita: "We'll be safe here."

Stacie: "They're gone. Lianne and Rita are gone."

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