The VisitEdit

Marisa: "Hey mom, can we see the Spotlow-Garbiels?"

Paula: "Sure. Let's hurry and leave before Giuseppe and his siblings return from Charlie's bar."

[Rico, Paula, Corey and the other kids tiptoe out of the house and hail a taxi]

20 minutes later

[The Iconic-Todaro family (minus Giuseppe and his siblings) arrive at the Spotlow-Garbiel family household]

Paula: "Hi, how are you?"

Nicolette: "I am doing A-Okay, thank you."

Paula: "I saw you on TV when I watched a Supernanny episode that centered on your family. So we decided to come over for a visit."

Nicolette: "I'm happy you did Paula, welcome to our home"

Paula: "Thank you for being a gracious host"

Nicolette: "Your Welcome."

Rico: "Mom, are Giuseppe and his evil siblings gone?"

Paula: "Yes dear, they are gone. You have nothing to worry about"

Rico: "okay."

[Frank, Jason, Bridget, and Andi appear]

Rico: "Hi, can you 4 please tell me your names?"

Bridget: "I'm Bridget."

Jason: "My name is Jason."

Frank: "I am Frank."

Andi: "And my name is Andi."

Rico: "Do you want to play some video games?"

Bridget: "Sure, as long as they don't involve Pokémon, Mario, or Sonic for me because I am a PETA member. I got my eye on you."

Rico: "That's okay, I have Art Academy and the Japanese version of Gardening Mama."

(For the purpose of this story , The evil, scary, and bad man Giuseppe Todaro and his equally bad siblings will be absent from the story telling, this story will be safe for the children)

End of the VisitEdit

A peaceful lifeEdit

(We cut to footage of the absent siblings and Giuseppe Todaro drunk and hung over on the couch, this hangover lasts for days and they don't wake up for the purpose of this story)

End of footage

Paula: Well that's a relief, My Husband and his siblings are inebrieted.

Nicolette: Who are those people?

Paula: You don't want to know, You Really don't

Nicolette: I believe you, I really do Paula.

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