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Nicole: "The Iconic-Todaro family had dinner with the Bones family because the 2 1/2-year old vigintuplets from Canada are all Rico's penpals."

Rico: "Hey, mommy! Can we see my penpals from Canada?"

Paula: "Sure! Knock on the door!"

Giuseppe gets tough with the kidsEdit

[The 3 ½-year old Japanese vigintuplets are watching Pokemon: Black and White on TV]

Giuseppe: "Hey! Those Japanese twerps are watching TV?! I cannot believe that they are out of their minds?!"

[Giuseppe marches closer to the Japanese vigintuplets]

Yoshi: "ああ、いや!" (translates to: "Oh, no!")

[The Japanese vigintuplets quickly run upstairs into a bedroom and quickly lock the door, hiding under the bed]

[Giuseppe unlocks the door and enters the room with a mace]

Giuseppe: "(bleep)ING SPANKING!"

[Giuseppe can't find the Japanese vigintuplets]

[Giuseppe brings out the megaphone]

Giuseppe: (using it) "HEY YOU!"

[The Japanese vigintuplets are shocked]

[Giuseppe finally sees them]

[Giuseppe spanks a vigintuplet with the mace, with other vigintuplets, one by one]

Eva: "Dulce! get up here and attack Giuseppe! bring your siblings up aswell!"

[Dulce blinds Giuseppe with pepper-spray, helping the Japanese vigintuplets escape via smoke bomb while they and Rico run off to the nearby park]

[The Japanese escape Giuseppe and are now at a nearby park]

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