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Iconic-Todaro Family Revisits the Kiranoko Family 2031

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The RevisitEdit

Nicole: "The Iconic-Todaros revisited the Kiranokos in 2031."

Giuseppe gets ToughEdit

[Elliot is watching Thomas and Friends on TV while Matti is playing with his Angry Birds plushes]

Giuseppe: "TIME FOR A COLD SHOWER, (bleep)S!"

[Setsuko and Satoko come out in a ninja-like fashion]

Setsuko: "You're dead meat, boy."

Satoko: "A~ha!"

Setsuko: "Torturing them, DON'T YOU (bleep)ING DARE!"

[The Kiranoko children other than Matti and Elliot come out of nowhere]

Hans: "Let me enlighten you, potato dork, they do what they like, you don't make the rules, they do vhat they do, touch them, I will have to kill you. It's been over a decade since the last time we saw you!"

Adele: " "

Agape: "Beneath." 

Setsuko "The."

Akim: "Hate."

Rolf: "Failure."

Satoko: "Is."

Ania: "An."

Dita: "Impossiblity."


Rolf: "Vhat a dork!"

Hans: "(bleep)in' right, Rolf!"

Satoko and Setsuko: "Touch them, we will kill you."

[The kids randomly vanish and hide in the bathroom and lock the door]

Hans: "I'm not that 12-year old boy that you used to annoy!"


Hans: "That's right, ya little dork."

Mi-Yung: "You annoyed me, and my sibling tribe, don't annoy us!"

[Elliot grabs a key, unlocks the door and he Matti go into the bathroom and locks the door again]

Elliot: "What do we do?"

Hans: "You don't wanna know, so I will attack them, Alda, attack the woman, I will attack the men,"

[Hans picks up Angelo by the collar, holds Giuseppe down by his foot, Marshall by grabbing his neck, and Giovanni by headlock]

Hans: "I am German, You are Italian and British, but Alda is a better Italian than you, and Elliot is a better British person than you."

[Alda picks up Stacie]

Alda: "Leave me alone, I am Italiano, you are British, but Elliot acts better than you, your potato dork of a brother beheaded my Vanellope plush and we still have it, but its in a safe, with a coding my siblings and I know, in our head."

[Alda then throws Stacie to the floor, while Hans does the same]

Hans: "Man, you're fat, I felt about 400 pounds on my body, but you are pretty lucky I'm lightweight,"

[Hans and Alda, the others go to the living room]

Stacie: "I'LL FIND THEM!"

[Stacie runs and realizes they are not here]

cut to:

[Hans using a phone]

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