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Observation BeginsEdit

Phil: "We're gonna kill you, Coco!"

[The triplets take turns kicking their pet cat, Coco]

[Coco meows in fright]

[The triplets go outside, grab their toy slingshots and launch several birds from it]

Gil: "Bye bye, birdies!"

[The triplets pull a raccoon by its tail]

Bill: "You are going down, you doggy!"

[The triplets hit a neighbor's dog in the head]

[The dog whines in pain]

Owner of the dog: "Oh, no! Don't hurt my dog, young men!"

[The triplets stab a mouse with a knife]

Super Naughty PitEdit

Gloria: "I would like you two to use the Super Naughty Pit for the triplets."

Paula: "OK."

Gloria: "It wasn't long until Gil kicked Paula in the bottom."

[Gil kicks Paula in the bottom]

Gil: "I hate you, mommy! Go away!"

Paula: "Gil, no. Don't kick mommy. If you do it again, I will put you in time out on the Super Naughty Pit."

[Gil kicks Paula again]

Paula: "Gil, you're now going on the Super Naughty Pit because you didn't listen to mommy when I asked you to stop kicking me."

[Gil begins to scream]

[Paula ignores the screaming]

[Gil escapes and hits Paula]

Group ProjectEdit

[The kids are gathered outside]

Gloria: "Today, you will be working on a group project."

Gil: "What's a group project?"

Gloria: "Gil, it's something that we work on together."

Gil: "Oh, I get it now."

Thought BoxEdit

Video Chat with GiuseppeEdit

Gloria: "I decided to do a subtitle-enabled video chat with Giuseppe. The language subtitles appear on the screen."

Giuseppe: (subtitles: "What the (bleep) do you want?")

Gloria: " "

Giuseppe: (subtitles: "The future has gotten brighter.")

Gloria: " "

Giuseppe: (subtitles: "My new spouse is very hot!")

Gloria: " "

Giuseppe: (subtitles: "She is fifteen years younger than me.")

Gloria: " "

Giuseppe: (subtitles: "Anything else?")

Gloria: " "

Giuseppe: (subtitles: "I shall not accept your apology, Gloria.")

Gloria: " "

Giuseppe: (subtitles: "Just listen your mouth to No Television For You.")

Gloria: " "

Giuseppe: (subtitles: "Only the adults are allowed to watch TV.")

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