• Yuki's favorite ice cream flavor is persimmon
  • Yuki's favorite sandwich is Hand-Massaged Wagyu Beef on White Bread
  • Yuki's favorite fruit is Fingered Citron
  • Ryutka likes squid gut ice cream
  • Ruytka's favorite underwater attraction is Truk Lagoon
  • Ryutka's favorite street food is onigiri with kombu, tempeh and vegetables
  • Takoraki loves Pit Viper ice cream
  • Takoraki's favorite fruit is Abeki
  • Tusei and Pakoto both love Koshihikari Rice ice cream
  • Tusei's favorite street food is ramen
  • Pakoto was born 3 minutes after Tusei
  • Pakoto's favorite street food is Takoyaki
  • The Ichijouji children's favorite amusement park is Eejanaika

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