Ice Shiners (born December 2, 2031) is a twin brother of Cloud Shiners, younger brother of Ethan Shiners and son of Leroy and Emily Shiners.


He has tanned skin, blue eyes and bleached blonde hair


Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Leroy Shiners (2000-)
  • Mother: Emily Shiners (née: Redergard) (2003-)
  • Brothers: Ethan Shiners (2028-), Cloud Shiners (2031-)
  • Aunts: Georgia -Redergard ( -), Jennifer -Shiners ( -), Victoria -Redergard ( -), Mitzi Redergard- ( -)
  • Uncles: Ben Redergard ( -), Henry Shiners ( -), Joe Redergard ( -), Edward ( -)
  • Cousins: Ember Redergard ( -), Misty Redergard ( -), River Redergard ( -), Winona Redergard ( -), Glenn Redergard ( -)
  • Grandmothers: Winona Redergard (née: ) ( -), Rhoda Shiners (née: ) ( -)
  • Grandfathers: Bryce Redergard ( -), Reginald Shiners ( -)


In Supernanny MysteriesEdit


  • His full name is Ice Leopold Shiners
  • He and Cloud receive coal for Christmas 2033
  • He was born 5 minutes after Cloud.
  • He was dressed up as a mummy for Halloween 2033
  • His favorite TV show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • He and Cloud were expelled from many schools
  1. The Goddard School for fighting other children
  2. River Road Church Pre-School for for making a mess in their classroom during their classmate's birthday party and ruining her birthday
  3. Hopkin's House Preschool for making everyone watch a disgusting internet video called "2 Girls, 1 Cup"
  4. Bethany Lutheran Preschool for bullying their five classmates
  5. Trinity Mops Preschool for the hazing incident
  6. Noah's Ark Preschool for
  7. Richmond Child Development Center for
  8. Elijah House Academy for bullying other children
  • He and Cloud were kicked out of many daycares
  1. St. Christopher's Day Care for
  2. N Richmond YMCA Day Care Center for
  3. Westhampton Day Care Center for taping a girl to the wall via duct tape


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