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The Cosplay EventEdit

The Ice Cream ConflictEdit

[Samuel the Otter is seen bringing tons of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream containers]

Dietrich: "" (Translation: "Oh no he doesn't! If I come a step closer to that d*** ice cream, he's gonna be sorry!")

[Samuel the Otter runs up to Dietrich, with a spoonful of chocolate ice cream]

Samuel: "TASTE THIS, YOU SORRY B****!"

[Samuel tries to insert the spoon into Dietrich's mouth, but Dietrich moves his head back] 

Dietrich: "" (Translation: "Don't you f***ing dare, idiot! I'm lactose intolerant, you know!")

Samuel: "If you don't eat it, I'll beat the c*** outta you! UNDERSTAND?!"

[Sophie and Reicheru appear]

Sophie: "My male version! What are you doing with the ice cream? Don't you think that Dietrich's allergic to lactose, which is contained in what you're feeding him with?"

Reicheru: "For the love of Kami, leave him alone or I will make you suffer!"

Dietrich: "" (Translation: "Didn't you hear what I said?! I'm allergic to f***ing lactose!")

[Samuel refuses to listen and manages to put the scoop of chocolate ice cream into Dietrich's mouth]

Dietrich: (gulps) "" (Translation: "I'm about to throw up!")

[Dietrich vomits]

Sophie: "Oh no! Dietrich, are you OK?"

Antonino: "" (Translation: What do you get if you cross a male otter with a German ghost? A whole lot of trouble!)

Dietrich: "" (Translation: Shut up, My stomach hurts, I'm gonna kill that otter!)

Ryou Shako:  "" (Translation: Ryo Chaiko, you're master's an idiot!)

Ryo Chaiko: "I know, it sucks, I can't get him to shut the h*** up, he made me ill a few times, made me eat fried chicken that was a week out of date, I got stomach cramps and couldn't use pyrokinesis for a week."

[Another Reicheru comes in with comic books]

Another Reicheru: "" (Translation: Comics for everyone!)

Marilou: "Uh, Another Reicheru, guess what happened?"

[Another Reicheru looks at Dietrich]

Another Reicheru: "" (Translation: Tell your male counterpart that his Normal counterpart is a f***ing moronic a**hole)


Another Reicheru: "" (Translation: I'm not the one who gave Dietrich-san ice cream, you dumba**)

Cameron James (Marilou's male counterpart): "Don't make him mad Another Reicheru!"

Reicheru: "Calm down, she knows what she's doing, she likes to be a big bully to him, while her male counterpart is just a little teasy with Sophie."

[Another Ryo Chaiko gets out a camera and begins filming Samuel's argument]

Another Ryo: "" (Translation: Hey, come and take a look at this Mr. Cameron James, this is hilarious, This going to be on my convention presentation!)

Samuel: "Don't you dare you---"

[Ryo Chaiko covers Samuel's mouth and turns to Nicole]

Samuel: "Mmph, Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph! Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph Mmph!" (Translation: RYO, LET ME GO THIS INSTANT! I WILL TICKLE TORTURE YOU AND TELL EVERYONE THAT YOU'RE TICKLISH!)

Nicole: "Tickle Torture and you're ticklish?"

Ryo: "SHUT UP SAMUEL! And please Mrs Birou-Jennings, please don't, promise?"

Nicole: "I won't, and I promise not to tell."

Ryo: "Feel free to punish him."

Samuel Receives his PunishmentEdit

Nicole Birou-Jennings: "Samuel Bert Otter, here's what you get for messing with Dietrich. You're getting a spanking!"

Samuel: "Oh s***! PLEASE! NO!"

[Nicole grabs Samuel by the tail, gets out a wooden paddle, and spanks Samuel's bottom multiple times rapidly]

Samuel: "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! KNOCK THE F*** OFF, LADY!" 

Nicole: "Well, I can't. That's your punishment!"

[Ryo Kisho appears]

Ryo Kisho: "" (Translation: Hi Miss Jennings----Uh, what happened?)

Nicole: "Samuel fed a lactose intolerant ghost ice cream."

Ryo Kisho: "" (Translation: Dietrich?)

Nicole: Yeah him."

Sophie, Antonino, Monika I, and Reicheru visit DietrichEdit

[Dietrich is seen in the base's hospital ward in a bed]

Sophie: "Hello, Dietrich. Sorry to hear that my genderbent counterpart got you into this problem. Are you feeling any better?"

Dietrich: "Ja, ein wenig Fräulein Sophie, sagen Herr Samuel nicht so viel Eis wie das zu bringen, wieder" (Translation: Yes, a little, Miss Sophie, tell Mr Samuel not to bring that much ice cream like that, again)

Monika I: "" (Translation: So happy you're okay, Trich)

Sophie and Reicheru: "Trich?"

Antonino: "" (Translation: It's a little nickname I gave him while tickle attacking him sometime in 1940, his laugh is cute and adorable)

Dietrich: "Bitte, Nein Antonino." (Translation Please, no Antonino)

Antonino: "" (Translation: Fine, don't tell anyone, especially Samuel, Dietrich would laugh until his lungs hurt so badly, just don't)

Reicheru: "Good news Dietrich. Catherine the Spellcaster's sorcery master told her that she has passed the magic culinary spells class, and she now can make anything, including lactose-free and dairy-free ice cream!"

[We see a figure on a magic broom fly by the window]

Sophie: "Look over there!"

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