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IV: Make Fun Of Some Suspicious Artwork!

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IV: Make Fun Of Some Suspicious Artwork! is the fourth episode in Todaro Warehouse Blast.


Making fun of Catherine the SpellcasterEdit

Jennifer: "Look at Catherine the Spellcaster!"

Stacie: "Does she look like she was born in the '80s? (bleep) no!"

[Jennifer laughs]

Enes Logli: "Catherine is a four-eyes!"

Pietro: "The other picture, is that Catherine? (bleep) no! It's Catherine's mother!"

Making fun of Orla's drawing of Nicole getting hit by a steamrollerEdit

Angelo: "Nicole looks like she's sleeping with two piles of blood!"

Stacie: "The (bleep) looks nude on it!"

Giuseppe: "She's also sleeping with a big yellow punching glove!"

Pietro: "Did two people get bludgeoned or something?"

Ocay: "She looks like the size of a walrus!"

Jennifer: "She has a big arm!"

[Jennifer laughs at it]

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