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これはシーズン200000のエピソードで、ジョーは船尾年齢1と何とか - 何とか、年齢の1000年を満たすためにキノコ王国に出張!彼らは、100000子供を持っている!彼らはすべての600歳です!彼らは場所に吐く!悲鳴!私はパイが好きです!何百万人もの人々を殺した!彼らは人々を憎む!これらは俊夫サモチョ佐藤一樹佐藤レイチェル妖怪スピリット、そして俊夫紀章と結婚している!これは史上最高のエピソードですが、これは編集しないでください私はあなたの臓器を刺すことであなたを殺すでしょう!


This is an episode of Season 200000, Jo travels to the Mushroom Kingdom to meet Poop age 1 and Blah-Blah, age 1000! They have 100000 kids! They are all 600 years old! they vomit on places! scream! I like pie! killed millions of people! and they hate people! They are married to Toshio Samo, Cho Sato, Kazuki Sato, Reicheru the Yokai Spirit, and Toshio Kisho!  this is the best episode ever, Do not edit this or I will kill you by stabbing your organs!

What's wrong with this episode?Edit

  1. The description is in Japanese, not in English
  2. There is the sentence "I like pie!" which is not needed
  3. They are not one, not two, but 6 questionable marriages.
  4. It is impossible for someone to kill millions of people
  5. It is impossible for a mother to have kids older than her
  6. No one can live to 1000 or 600
  7. No show ever had season 200000, and it is unlikely we would reach that amount
  8. Toshio Kisho, Toshio Samo, Cho Sato would all be dead by now, Toshio Samo would of been with Shika Koshi anyway.
  9. Mushroom Kingdom is from Mario and is fictional
  10. The kids' names have not been mentioned
  11. Poop and Blah-Blah are not names.
  12. There is a death threat at the end.
  13. IH8PPL means I hate people and is not a surname.
  14. Family is spelled as Vhamalee.