I'm very sorry, so very sorry is a fanfiction about Tokiko Shako and Hanna Woods by Japanlover86.

Chapter 1: Please Forgive Me...Edit

A ghost girl was seen playing an iPod Touch, watching Hetalia, holding a Miku Nendoroid doll

" (Wow, These characters are cool, I like the portrayal of Japan, calm and polite, just like daddy off-duty today) said Tokiko.

An American ghost girl entered the room, she sat next to Tokiko

"Tokiko, I wanted to say something to you....." Hanna said softly.

" (What is it?)" She looked at her with dark, deep brown eyes

Hanna passed a large note, in Japanese, German, and Italian, it said "I'm sorry." it had a picture of the German, Italian, USA and Japanese flag

" (I forgive you, I'm sorry for killing you, but my daddy and mommy hated what he did, you were the only kid with them)" she explained

"What my dad did was ignorant and stupid, my brother followed in his steps, I didn't, mommy was on the brink of divorcing him, If only we done it sooner, and took me to start a new life, you never got a chance to go back to Tokyo." She said, holding hands with her

" (Wanna watch Hetalia with me? It's funny)" Tokiko asked

"Sure." Hanna said

The two WWII-era girls watched a comedy anime together

"Wow! You must be right, Tokiko! This is so funny, I can hardly hold my breath!" Hanna chuckled at one funny scene in the anime.

" (Me too!)" Tokiko agreed

Chapter 2Edit

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