Kwan: "Uhh, Darling, come here please?

"Hye-Su: "What is it Kwan?"

Kwan: "Ji-min passed out in class."

[Ji-min looks at Kwan]

[Kwan takes off Ji-min's dress, revealing an external sac with cerebrospinal fluid and notices she is having abnormal eye movement, skin irritations, and a fever]

[Hye-Su gasps]

Hye-Su: "Call a doctor!"

[Kwan picks up a phone and calls 911]

At the hospitalEdit

???: "Hello Ji-min, I'm your new nurse, Nurse Agathe."

[Ji-min is holding her Plusle and Minun doll]

Kwan: "What's wrong with her, Nurse Agathe?"

Agathe: "Spina bifida."

Kwan: "Is it fatal?"

Agathe: "Yes, it is, it is incurable and terminal--even with surgery, and she nearly could die from it, the only way you can save her is to never let her play outside, however, she can open windows for fresh air."

Kwan: "I never knew Spina bifida was incurable and terminal. What if she gets bored?"

Agathe: "There's always indoor games for her to play. We have an indoor swing set."

Kwan: "Ji min has always been so frail and her body is so small and fragile."

Mi-Hi: "Ewwww! There's an alien growing inside Ji-min! Get it out of her!"

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