Before the revolving line of creditsEdit

Narrator: "Tonight on Supernanny...Jo meets the Hyatte Family in Wyoming..."

Reggie: "Goodbye, you stupid (bleep)!"

Reggie: "You shut up, mommy! You don't like me!"

[Reggie kicks her younger twin sisters]

Reggie: "Go kill yourself, poopy-butt!"


Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Another week, yet another family. Let's see who we got this time."

???: "Hi, we're the Hyatte Family! I'm Suzette, and I'm a horseback riding instructor."

???: "And I'm Nicholas, and I'm a farmer."


[The car pull up in front of a ranch. We see a horse stable, a barn, a small house and a farm]

Observation BeginsEdit

Reggie: "Why can't I play outside?"

Suzette: "Because you didn't listen to mommy after being told not to hit your sisters. Plus, your Dora doll's going in toy jail."

[Suzette puts Reggie's Dora doll into the toy time-out box]

Reggie: "I WANT DORA!!!!!"

Suzette: "If you behave yourself for the rest of the day, you can have it back."

[Reggie walks out the door]

Reggie: "Goodbye, you stupid (bleep)!"

Suzette: "Where are you going?"

Reggie: "I don't like you."

Observation ContinuesEdit

Suzette: "Reggie ruins holidays, including Hanukkah and Passover."


Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit


Naughty PitEdit

Green SmoothieEdit

Don't Lift the ChildEdit

Stay in BedEdit

Horseback RidingEdit

Reggie: "Goodbye, you stupid (bleep)!"

Suzette: "Please. You need to do horseback riding lessons now."

Reggie: "Not going!"

Suzette: "You come from a very long line of horseback riders. Plus, Buttercup needs her exercise."

Reggie: "Go kill yourself, (bleep)!"

Suzette: "If you do not come over here this instant, mommy will take you to the Naughty Pit. Understand?"

Reggie: "Horseback riding sucks!"

Suzette: "How could you say that?"


DVD MeetingEdit


Reggie VS. The SitterEdit

Jo: "Later on, mom and dad were going out for the evening and they hired a young babysitter named Jeannie."

Suzette: "A list of emergency contacts and phone numbers are on the refrigerator, the twins and Reggie's bedtime is at 7:30pm, and don't worry about the horse, Buttercup, she is very friendly towards people. Reggie is not allowed to have sweets an hour before bedtime."

Jeannie: "You folks have fun, everything will be just fine, y'all."

Happy Trails, Jo-JoEdit

Family UpdateEdit

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