Huizong Zhungxi (Hideki Shinozawa in Japan)
Vital statistics
Title No information
Gender Male
Race Human (formerly)
Aliases Taiwanese Fox Fire
Member of the Mafia
Asian Antonino
Pretty Boy
Hóng Zhīzhū (means Red Spider in Mandarin)
Benikumo (Romaji for Red Spider)
Sexy Police Officer (by Another Beatrix)
That Dude On The Motorcycle
The Baby-faced killer
Status Deceased
Born March 16th 1922, Taipei, Japanese-occupied Taiwan
Died August 6th 1945, Hiroshima, Empire of Japan (aged 23)
Cause of death Burns and Radiation poisoning from the Hiroshima atomic bomb.
Years Active Never
Height 5'5
Weight 104 lbs (47 kg)
Friends Hiro Shinozawa
Meimei Shinozawa
Another Beatrix (hinted, then-confirmed crush)
Enemies Curt Scar
Danielle Scar
Location Taipei, Taiwan
Spouse Never married
Occupation(s) IJA officer


Huizong/Hideki Zhungxi/Shinozawa (Japanese: 篠沢秀樹, Shinozawa Hideki, Chinese: 準熙徽宗, Zhǔn xī Huīzōng) (March 16th 1922-August 6th 1945) is the twin brother of Meimei/Meiko Shinozawa and brother in law of Hiro Shinozawa, he was born in Taipei, Japanese-occupied Taiwan to Zhao and Mingzhui Zhungxi alongside his twin sister Meimei/Meiko, he is the younger twin, after a ban was lifted on letting Koreans and Taiwanese joining the Imperial Japanese Army, he joined and became a swordsman, like his sister, he adopted the Japanese name, Hideki, he is killed in the Hiroshima bombing alongside his niece and sister, he was severely burnt, uniform tattered and died half an hour later from injuries, he is the first of him, Meimei/Meiko and Jiao/Jiko to die, next was Jiao/Jiko from her burns and sickness and Meimei/Meiko from her wounds, he is buried with his brother in law, Hiro, which his emaciated corpse didn't rot away yet, sister Meimei/Meiko, and niece Jiao/Jiko underneath their holiday home which was destroyed in the bombing.

History Edit

Huizong was born in 1922 to Zhao and Mingzhui Zhungxi in Taipei, Taiwan while it was under Japanese rule alongside side his twin sister, Meimei, he attended a government controlled school, he grew up speaking both Mandarin and Japanese for the rest of his life.


He is a young attractive and handsome man of slim build yet below average weight and height, and is quite lanky, sharing his mother's good looks, he wears an IJA uniform, with the coat slightly unbuttoned at the top, revealing the top part of his pectoral, he is also wearing the IJA commissar peaked cap, like Ryou Shako, he is underweight due to malnutrition, but his ribs are not seen when he is shirtless.

As a ghost, they are patches from the Hiroshima bombing under his uniform and his uniform is tattered, but it still in good condition, the patches are not seen when using an alive complexio.

He wears motorcycle-punk like gear when out and about.

He also may wear a Mao suit.

He has multiple tattoos in his native language, Mandarin, four tattoos on his back in Mandarin Chinese, the words are "要銷毀, 殺死, 來懲罰, 來奴役" which means To Destroy, To Kill, To Punish, and To Enslave, respectively in a vertical horizontal fashion, and the word "所有冰雹徽宗" (All Hail Huizong) tattooed on his upper arm, on the neck, he has 1 tattoo, a Taiwanese flag with the word "台灣" meaning Taiwan.

Names in other languagesEdit

German: Schreiende Sterne (Screaming Star)

Italian: Sole Nero (Black Sun)


Dǎo Yǐn Tóu Huǒyàn (Seeker Flames): Sets out small fireballs in the shape of spiders to attack

Zhīzhū Zhǎo (Spider Claw): Impales the opponent with his hand

Qīzōng Zuì: Yùwàng (Seven Deadly Sins: Lust): Huizong takes in the form of an handsome man of any age and ethnicity, then he kills the opponent by stabbing him

Qīzōng Zuì: Bàoshí (Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony): Huizong will disembowel the opponent by moving the organs, causing them to vomit blood and contents, then dry them of their blood.

Qīzōng Zuì: Àomàn (Seven Deadly Sins: Pride): Mind reads an opponent, then spins them around, puts them to sleep, and locks them in a nightmare, they die soon after

Qīzōng Zuì: Jídù (Seven Deadly Sins: Envy): Mind reads what an opponent wants and needs in an envious way, he puts them to sleep and gives them an illusion they are there or what they got, then they are killed when it turns into a nightmare

Qīzōng Zuì: Tānlán (Seven Deadly Sins: Greed): Mind Reads an opponent's strongest desires, then gives them an illusion as if they were there or what they wanted, then they are killed when it turns into a nightmare

Qīzōng Zuì: Fènnù (Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath): Turns an opponent into a mindless creature and attacks everything around it

Qīzōng Zuì: Lǎnduò (Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth): Puts the opponent to sleep and suffer its worst nightmare


Unlike his father, he was okay with the Japanese rule, he had a mischievous personality and was frowned upon by most Chinese due to his behavior, but mocked people very much like Antonino, but in a more violent way, like beating up a Chinese woman for touching his hair, he is also is comedic and performed pranks on soldiers during WWII, he offers generosity to both Taiwanese and Japanese, he also enjoys playing Saints Row: The Third with Hiro, watermelon, anime girls, cream cheese bagels, watching Game of Thrones with his sister and brother-in-law, singing while drunk and taking off his coat at inappropriate times, in WWII, he went through starvation many times, in modern day, he hates the 90's show Histeria! because he think it is insulting to world history.

He is also very hyper, annoying, he constantly tells the time his friend Zhao in serious accidents and is easily distracted.

He is also known for very immature pranks played by teleporting due to a ghost, such as salt in sugar, phone books, prank calls, and more, giving him the title of "Immature Prankster" and "Curt's gonna kill this immature son of a b****!", he also is shown to annoy Curt to no end, such as when he got him and himself arrested for fighting in a bar and killing one patron, they got jailtime for 2 weeks, but, he is very angsty at times due to the pain Jonathan has caused him and his loner persona due to hardly any person contact during WWII, he is also known as "That Dude On The Motorcycle" by police officers

He also is a very intelligent man, and aswell strong despite him being underweight due to military training, and he insults Curt Scar, who he considers his rival, much like his sister and Danielle.

He was also extremely brutal, he worked in Shōwa and Taishō Prison Camp, he would beat prisoners, and was sadistic, he was nicknamed "Starscream" by POWs due to his lying and cruel behaviour, he would kick pregnant women, rape women to death, cut genital's off, and even tie them to a tree and leave them there for days.

He also showed a hint of stubbornness, in a feast during WWII where they were about to eat an American soldier's liver, he denies it even when hungry, showing that he may hate cannibalism.

He is known for his nickname Baby-Faced Killer due to having no facial hair and being youthful.

Maria Tachimi compares him to Rocket Raccoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy series, as shown in the episode Fear of Dying.


(People for the Ethical Treatmennt of Animals, Bu-bu-bu bulls***!) ~ Huizong/Hideki mocking Bridget

(I hate McDonald's too, Bridget, but not for killing animals! PETA's still f***ing trash, so stop being a part of it!) ~ Huizong/Hideki demanding Bridget to quit PETA once and for all.

(Chinese? I'm Taiwanese, I don't like being called that) ~ Huizong/Hideki to Amy-Anne.

(Ugh, p*** off Samuel, I'm reading Jiko a bedtime story) ~ Huizong/Hideki to Samuel

(They are many WWII ghosts that want to join your alliance, but they keep to the shadows because they don't want to deal with all the bulls***) ~ Huizong/Hideki talking to Mei Cloud

(Please excuse the words "Taiwanese are traitors and Japanese are brainwashers", some low-life piece of f***ing s*** decided to show his immaturity to the world) ~ Huizong finding Anti-Japanese and Anti-Taiwanese sentiment on the former Shinozawa household hidden and abandoned.

(The reason me and my homies aren't gonna go to China, one, strong Anti-Japanese sentiment, two, Poisoned food, three, the Nanking Massacre museum sells pornographic films, I saw it on China Uncensored, four, China doesn't like Taiwan as much as it doesn't like Japan, five, they put up girls for adoption, six, pollution, and seven, China is still p***ed off about the Taiwanese and Japanese coming closer than ever, even for the territory disputes, Taiwan remains quieter but tries, but they stop when they let Taiwan fish in Japanese territory, p***ing off China, People's Republic of China tried its best to get Taiwan to hate Japan, but it all ends in failure) ~ Why Huizong won't go to China.

(To make it truth, I'm Taiwanese, but I love Japan, people in the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy treated me as if I was Japanese, I could speak some Mandarin, but not alot) ~ Huizong telling his Taiwanese ancestry.

(Out of me, Meiko and Jiko, I was the first to die, my sister tried to get a first aid kit, but I died soon after, Jiko then started coughing and she was vomiting, as if she was infected with anthrax, she died an hour later, then Meiko, her burns became infected and she died soon after, we are buried 5 metres deep beneath the holiday home's basement, it was rebuilt and it is now a normal household, but the shadow of that showed me, Meiko, and Jiko-chan remained, I heard that an elderly woman lived in it and still is to this day, she lives with her husband, her children and grandchildren) ~ Huizong telling his burial site

(There was one time a prisoner groped me by the testicles and I freaked out, then Toshio beat him and tied him to a stake and left her there for days on ends, then my brother-in-law killed her) ~ Huizong telling how a prisoner was killed.

(I hate the Sonic Fandom, reason?, the yaoi, pornography, vore, and it's all gross, Can you just let people that play the game look at their favourite characters without the disturbing imagery?!) ~ Huizong/Hideki on the Sonic Fandom

(F***in' South teachers keep getting in my way) ~ Huizong/Hideki massacring a GBS hotel

(Well, surprise motherf***ers!) ~ Huizong about to kill 6 teachers

(Happy f***in' birthday!) ~ Huizong to Samuel on his birthday

(Glad to see me f***ers?) ~ Huizong returning

(Send me the bill, motherf***in' a**holes) ~ Huizong to Gadadhara and Oksana

(The leader of that s*** army must have a tiny d***!) ~ Huizong on Gadadhara, smugly.

(Taiwan, it's basically China for Japanese people due to China's strong Anti-Japanese sentiment, you can have many children you want in Taiwan, it's freedom, It's like China also for Anti-Communists) ~ Huizong/Hideki on Taiwan.

(They say Taiwan is China's property, Taiwan is independent from China!) ~ Huizong on Taiwan and China

(You're just mad because I'm stronger than you!) ~ Huizong to Curt.

(This mortal must be the stupidest f***ing idiot ever) ~ Huizong on Bridget

(People who use Traditional Chinese, including me, they can read anything that dates back over 5000 years, as I don't use Simplified, which dates back to Communist People's Republic and I died before that even happened, when Mei had a difficult time understanding what my mother had wrote in 1968 after my death, I had to read it out to her and she wrote it in Simplified Chinese, me, the Chinese Ghost kids, who died before the Republic and the People's Republic, use Traditional Chinese, Meimei, and the Xiao Family, I read somewhere, the Traditional characters tell a story)

(For Japan to apologise to China, China needs to realise what the Chinese Communist Party has done to its own people, It will apologise to countries affected by China's atrocities, and then Japan will apologise, but Japan won't apologise because it sees China as a nation who disrespects it, and it doesn't like China's treatment of Taiwan as exiled traitors, Taiwan and Japan have a long history together, Taiwan was colonised by Japan, until 1945, and after, I think the 70's, Taiwan made friends with Japan and the USA, We see them as friends too, Taiwan is too cheerful to hate Japan and is enjoying Japan's "kawaii culture", much to China's everlasting shame, it really hates Japan, Korea is the same, but Japan has apologised many times to them, the Emperor has apologised to the Chinese, but why do they still hate?)


(People mistaken me and my bro in law for being identical twin brothers all the time it's so scary, but my brother in law tells him we are different nationalities, but I adopted Japanese citizenship, and I tell I'm Taiwanese and he is Japanese, We were both officers in the military, I never wore glasses, while Hiro couldn't see two feet close without them on, honestly, how the f*** did they manage that?)

(My brother in law was taught Mandarin in Taiwan, he can only read Traditional text, he can't read Simplified, neither can I, or my sister or niece, compared to many mainlanders in the team, we are total morons when it comes to that, Since we died before that ever happened!) ~ Huizong on Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

(Have fun being Shadow Crystal Nurse, Screamer! Bye!) ~ Huizong to Samuel

巴掌日本鬼子?那是你的想法我和其他人?一個他媽的齙牙卡通夢想了一些混蛋告訴靈魂,還有讓我告訴你一些事情,日本或台灣的軍人,他們一直處於戰爭狀態,因為你的祖先是在他媽的尿布!他是個身經百戰的老兵,他的武器的專家,他可以住在蛆大米和渾水數週,忍受痛苦,你可以在你的噩夢夢想,士兵不關心他是否受傷或死亡,只要因為他殺死你,你可以叫我任何你想要的,但永遠,永遠不尊重他們的願望,把你和你的好友進一條小巷的墳墓!現在滾開! (Slap a Jap?, Is that what you think me and the others are? A f***ing buck-toothed cartoon dreamed up by some a**hole to tell soul, well let me tell you something, the Japanese or Taiwanese soldier, they have been at war since your ancestors were in f***ing diapers! He's a combat veteran, an expert with his weapons, he can live off maggoty rice and muddy water for weeks, and endure misery you could dream up in your worst nightmare, the soldier doesn't care if he gets hurt or killed, as long as he kills you, you can call me whatever you want, but never, ever fail to respect their desire to put you and your buddies into an alley grave! NOW F*** OFF!) ~ Huizong's speech to Garrett Woods for calling him a Jap.

生硬和丹尼爾,聽我把話說完,不要與準熙雙胞胎他媽的,永遠 (Curt and Danielle, hear me out, Do not f*** with the Zhungxi twins, ever) ~ Huizong to Curt and Danielle

你需要借武器?纮,拉槍出你的屁股,並把它交給柯特疤痕 (Do you need to borrow a weapon? Hiro, pull a gun out of your a** and give it to Curt Scar)

我是徽宗,或作為纮喜歡叫我,吼星 (I'm Huizong, or as Hiro likes to call me, Starscream) ~ Huiong introducing himself.

(Hahaha! What perfect aim!) ~ Huizong to Curt after he missed him

(Hiro recognizes my ability as a superior warrior, that's why he made me his second-in-command)

(I am the second in command of the Kuro Unit, I demand you respect me!) ~ Huizong during WWII to a soldier

(Go ahead and go back crying to Australia, this will prove you're nothing more than your father's little b****!)

我告訴你,他可以不拍了狗屎 (I told you he can't shoot for s***) ~ Huizong about Samuel to Sophie

我不他媽的相信你的行為就是這樣,台灣不是中國!我不在乎如果你被允許這樣做在中國!不要說廢話!此外,沒有中國共產黨告訴你這個混蛋遊客停止行為就像灌水器袋和行為了!你叫日本仍然是一個帝國主義國家為它做了,媽的,你看!他們並不像這個了!你讓你的孩子狗屎草坪上和欺負嬌,我有一個侄女他媽的同齡的笨蛋,她的表現比一個孩子的過度開發你射液!(I can't f***ing believe you are behaving like this, Taiwan is not China! I don't care If you are allowed to do this in the PRC! Stop saying that bulls***! Besides, didn't the CCP tell you b*****d tourists to stop behaving like d*****-bags and behave already! and you call Japan still an Imperialist country for the s*** it's done, Look! they don't act like this anymore! You let your kid s*** on the lawn and bully Jiao, I have a f***ing niece the same age as that f***er and she behaves than your overdeveloped c**shot of a child!) ~ Huizong yelling at two Chinese tourists for saying Taiwan is China's property, their son bullying Jiao/Jiko and letting their kid defecate on the lawn of their house.

(It's alright, I don't hate Chinese people, we are just sick of the CCP's bulls*** that we a put through, EVERYDAY! They need to calm down a little bit) ~ Huizong on the CCP

(In some TT10 parts, Taiwanese and Chinese are prohibited from fighting, That means, I can't fight any Chinese member) ~ Huizong on the Peaceful China Policy.

(Don't you accuse me of the Baatan Death March, or Unit 731, I went there with family, not performing weird s***, d***! F***!) ~ Huizong to Andrew Otter on accusing him of taking part in the Baatan Death March

(Your grandfather was a POW guard? Holy c***, I know him! He's.....he's the guy that beaten up POWs while I photographed, we were best friends during WWII, He was funny, even though he didn't understand Mandarin, he was nice, quiet, yet brutal to POWs, Jiko called him "Ojisan Ichiro" he was devastated when I died, and I see him time and time again, to be honest, something bada** came from the Axis, Japan got a bada** flag, Germany got bada** uniforms, Italy got some bada** weapons, no offense) ~ Huizong to Marie about WWII

(I know what happened to you, and it wasn't your fault at all, We will make sure that those people that killed you can never see you again) ~ Huizong to Marie

(That tsunami, my nation was very kind and gentle, Taiwan is a gentle nation that truly cares for friends, It sees Japan and the USA as her guardians and best friends to protect it from her bullying abusive father, PRC, who won't let her marry Japan due to the atrocities that were committed to it, she loves Japan, her boyfriend, with all her heart, and he and Taiwan, don't like China, Japan thinks China is overreacting on Nanking and Unit 731 and needs to calm down a little on the other nations, including Hong Kong and Tibet., Taiwan doesn't want to be apart of China and wants to be with her friends, the Kuomintang has been bounded on Taiwan since 1949, They were corrupt and they slowly improved decades by decades, better than before, allowing Taiwan to become a multi-party democracy) ~ Huizong on Taiwan-China-Japan relations

叫我再中國人,我會他媽的殺了你,這是最後一次,我是台灣人,如果我是中國人,我將無法參加日本帝國陸軍在50年的佔領,所以不要罵我這種說法的任何東西帝國主義,他們希望像一個被寵壞的孩子! (Call me Chinese again, I will f***ing kill you, for the last time, I'm Taiwanese, If I was Chinese, I wouldn't be able to join the Imperial Japanese Army during 50-Year Occupation, SO DON'T CALL ME THOSE IMPERIALISTS THAT CLAIM ANYTHING THEY WANT LIKE A SPOILED CHILD!)

內地旅客,尤其是當在中國來講世界其他地區被指控有最壞行為之一的任何旅遊的,我讀的地方,喜歡澳門的台灣遊客到他們的整潔和禮貌更好到期,我收拾好自己,在台灣,這是最糟糕的,他們聲稱台灣是中國,我認為他們可以為所欲為,他媽的,香港討厭這個,有一次,我打了個女人說,中國擁有台灣,他媽的婊子,中國共產黨恨這甚至更多,他們說,這使得該國看起來像狗屎,他們真的需要教他們的遊客循規蹈矩 (Mainland tourists, especially when in other parts of the Chinese speaking world are accused of having one of the worst behaviors out of any tourist, I read somewhere, Macau likes Taiwanese tourists better due to their tidiness and manners, I clean up after myself, in Taiwan, it is the worst, they claim that Taiwan is China and think they can do whatever the f*** they want, Hong Kong hates this, One time, I punched a woman saying that China owns Taiwan, f***ing b****, the Chinese Communist Party hate this even more, they say it makes the country look like s***, They really need to teach their tourists to behave themselves)

(In the Ghost World, Chinese tourists, especially from PRC, their behaviors are just, oh my god someone.....There was this perverted Chinese girl who died in 1996, she was 21 at the time of her death, she was arrested on one Wednesday for harassing a 23-year old Taiwanese Imperial Japan Serviceman on his way home in Taipei, Taiwan, which was f***ing me, during at night, she was stalking me from behind, when I sat down and fell asleep at a restaurant, from a full stomach, she unbuttoned my Imperial Japanese Army jacket and took off the tanktop off and took my shoes and socks off, when I woke up, I started screaming, waking the other ghosts around me, she dropped them, fleeing the scene, police later identified her and witness reports, she confessed, saying she "couldn't resist tickling me bare chested and his feet", her family was later forced to apologize and that she had the tendency to do this when Japanese soldiers were around, especially those in their late teens and 20's, she said if she wanted to know that a Japanese soldier had weak points, WTF? Japanese attacked China and she f***ing flirted with me?!, I visited a POW camp, Unit 731, and all that s***, the second case, the same woman snatched me from from a group of Japanese soldiers I was talking too, she kept me for 19 hours, she would tickle me, lick my abdomen until I couldn't take it, and attempt to lick my urine, she put a blindfold on me, then she started saying "you're scrawny", she then yanked down my jacket, I moved around quite violently, and I was f***ing starving, she only spent the entire time, doing sexual things to me, she didn't rape me, but she did fondled with my genitals a few times, but didn't do anything else, I filed a restraining order, she was banned from Taiwan, and I didn't see her again) ~ Huizong on sexual harassment

(The IJA had the most brutally honest policy ever, kill yourself, and the three Alls, Kill All, Loot All, Burn All, Me and the other members of my unit have risen up s***, we usually robbed banks, p***ed civilians off, hijacked vehicles and p***ed more people off, we caused such havoc, we got arrested in the Philippines until soldiers told the police to let us go) ~ Huizong during his time in occupied Japanese territories

(Conquest...the story of East Asian human history, Since time, immemorial, great Japanese unit leaders of gangs have risen from humble beginnings s***, And so it was the Kuro Unit, Since conquering and beating the s*** out of people in Japanese-occupied Asia, the 8-man gang have p***ed more people off, They are in the IJA, Hiro and Huizong are brothers in law, still annoying people, and Jung-il.....Well, who gives a f*** about Jung-il, The point is it's WWII and these annoying b*****ds are driving American soldiers insane with their antics, It was only a matter of time until some stupid soldiers took to fight the Kuro Unit) ~ Huizong on the Kuro Unit

噢,你是那麼可愛,你是如此的友好你會弄濕你的褲子! (Aw, you're so cute, you're so friendly that you're gonna wet your pants!) ~ Huizong in a sarcastic manner to Danielle Scar after killing an emu

(One time, my buddies and I were hanging out behind an IJA base, the one Jiao was born in, in 1944, then Cho came up, he would come up, even if we didn't tell him where we were going, one time, I traveled over 400 miles to Kwangtung, which is Guangdong, and he f***ing showed up, and I didn't tell him where we were going! What the f***!, I informed high-ranking officers and they did nothing to help, I was hanging out with the Kuro Unit, and my sister and niece, this f***face would show up, even if we didn't tell him where the f*** we where, just, f***, s***! D***!) ~ Huizong on Cho

(One time, my family was in Unit 731, I witnessed it, and I'm not happy to admit it that I actually visited POW camps and s***, If another war start, Japan will treat POWs properly, unlike last time)

(Wow, I love watermelon!) ~ Huizong on watermelon

(Doing s***, That's what we did during the war, me and my buddies, we were sort of like an East Asian street gang, we done horrible, cruel, yet funny-as-h*** s***)

(I don't like what the f*** is going on here) ~ Huizong on Omori

(I never saw a policy where I felt so insulted due the ignorance) ~ Huizong on the One China Policy

(I....feel much better, Hiro-san....) ~ Huizong sick with fever and vomiting.

(I never went near any comfort women during the war, I didn't like the thought of raping my country's own women)

(They called me Red Spider, because, I would put spider venom all over my sword and in bullets and stab and shoot people)

(My sister, before we died and the bomb dropped, Jiao found me outside the base, me witnessing the bomb drop, she said "Uncle....what I'm I gonna do without you?", then, I said, "Jiao, go!", before counting, then the bomb exploded and I was thrown against the base wall, my skin was flaking off, I died, and my sister and niece, a few hours before they died, they tried to look for survivors, suddenly, Jiao got sick, and died hours later, and Meimei died from the radiation)

(One time, I shot a PETA member in the head with a gun because, me and my brother in law were hanging out with out buddies and those guys really started to annoy us, I told them to f*** off, they didn't listen, so I shot one of them in the head)

(D***, What is wrong with dating 19th century girls dating 20th century boys?) ~ Huizong to a POW telling him and Beatrix off for kissing

(The Japanese government doesn't need to apologize to me, I had good times, bad times, Sometimes I liked it, sometimes I didn't)

(RUN LIKE H***!) ~ Huizong during an air raid

(Those POWs were always hungry, On the Burma Railway, Jung-il wasn't his usual, happy self, and beat POWs until they died, He was stressed with Jonathan harassing us, how did he get our phone number, well, one time, I found a tub of cream cheese and some bagels, I got a knife and spread the cream cheese on and ate it, others told me not to, thinking it would be poisoned, but I found it very delicious, I asked the others if they wanted some, but they refused, That's why I like cream cheese bagels)

(The last hours of me, Jiao, and Meimei's life, we went out to go to the park, and when I saw that plane, We ran to an IJA base, I thought it was an Air Raid, but when I went outside, It was....AN ATOMIC BOMB!, I yelled "RUN LIKE H***!" and we got inside, then I thought it was a dud, so I went outside to investigate and counted to 10, then that giant motherf***er exploded, I felt my uniform fall apart, Jiao's clothing and Meimei's was ruined, I struggled to keep my cap on, I died first, then Jiao, then Meimei)

(One time, I had this stomach ulcer, it hurt like h***, It felt like I couldn't eat anything without the ulcer hurting, I had a sensation I had a full stomach, no medication, this is why I hate the Starvation Island)

(That was d***) ~ Huizong after attacking Jonathan because he keeps kicking him in the testicles.

(Okay, some idiot in the Japan ghost world, I think it was some old guy who wasn't in WWII, but he was American, and he died in Japan, We were skateboarding, and he complained about it to park officials, reason, we were in our WWII clothes, and security said "They aren't hurting anyone, let them play, even WWII veterans who died in the war need some fun", and, we were at a skate park, and I ran into this kid and his mom tried to beat me up, I was, I think Texas or Kentucky? and my twin sister told the mom off for letting her kid run around in a skate park filled with young adults and teens)

(I was told off by this b**** in Japan for walking around without a shirt on, because it was around 30 degrees Celsius in Japan, and It was one of the hottest times, and I wore my jacket around my waist, I was with some of my buddies, they just wore tanktops and had fans, I took my buttoned shirt and tanktop off entirely, I was slightly muscular underneath, but still on the skinny side, that b**** said it's a "bad example" on her 13-year old, WTF?! I'M 23!, I DON'T DATE 13-YEAR OLDS!)

(RUN LIKE H***!) ~ Huizong to the Chinese Ghost Children on Giuseppe approaching them

(Sorry about your boyfriend's b***s, looks like he won't be pleasing you for a while) ~ Huizong to Giuseppe after assaulting John Jamie.

(There's nothing about this whole anime that makes me so disgusted that I want to violently vomit out my own internal organs) ~ Huizong on Boku no Pico.

(I hate my father, my mother worked in the fields in Kaohsiung and he was a horrible person, He despised the Japanese colonial rule and didn't want me using the language, when I joined the Imperial Japanese Army after finishing officer's school, he threw a tantrum that would put a toddler to shame, This is why I hate him, we recorded it on video and it was the funniest thing my fellow officers ever saw, I died laughing, my father, he wanted mom to abort the female fetus when she was pregnant with fraternal twins because he saw female babies born into the Zhungxi name as unclean)

(Come on! I've been living on short rations for 4 years! I weighted 104 pounds! Not healthy for a five-foot-five twenty-three year old male) ~ Huizong complaining about his weight.

(These used to be a little girl, a woman, and two men, my body looked like it was struck by a bomb, with my hair, now badly matted, the uniform I wore is now badly tattered because it's never been washed for so long, it looked like Katie's hanged body from Ghost Ship, so did Jiao and Meimei, Hiro was probably the most badly decomposed, his corpse's emaciated frame made him look like a Holocaust victim, his uniform was even in a worse condition than mine, the red mark were the rank should be was cut off, the star on the commissar cap he wore, the star was cut off, his uniform was covered in dried bloodstains, his glasses' lens were cracked, he looked like a domestic violence victim) ~ Huizong describing he and his family's corpses.

(Curt Scar......You shouldn't have sympathy for that man, he's a d****e, He still whines at me, almost killed the entire group of commanders, and I even saw him murder a baby kangaroo!)


Huizong: " " (Translation: I killed your grandfather, It was what like, 1942? That was a long time ago! so what? He's the same b*****d that annoyed me when I was in Australia in 1942, when I was carrying my 1-month old niece in January, he kept harassing me! HE DESERVED TO F***ING DIE! I recognized his face and everything, failed assassination attempt that got him killed)


Reicheru: "Look, the Taiwanese and the Aussie are fighting, Curt and Danielle, let me get this straight, you two deserved to die, you suck, no one likes you, Huizong and Meimei are a superior pair of twins, you two just suck, and also----"

Huizong: " " (Translation: I'm Taiwanese, you son of a b****!)


Huizong: " " (Translation: If he hadn't annoyed me, this wouldn't of had happened!)



Huizong and Curt fight

[Huizong and Curt are seen holding a placard (Huizong's placard says: Huizong Zhungxi, DOB: March 16th 1922, died August 6th 1945, weight: 46kg (99 pounds), nationality: Taiwanese, Booking No: 19838446), (Curt's placard says: Curt Scar, DOB: October 10th 1945, died 26th January 1988, weight: 54kg (103 lbs), nationality: Australian, Booking no: 29747989), Huizong is grinning while doing the peace sign with wide eyes, his uniform is torn and is holding a sign saying "我後悔什麼!(I regret nothing!)", while Curt's clothes are torn and has the word "笨蛋 (dumba**)" written on his shirt and "獲取大腦 (Get a brain)" on his forehead and he glares at Huizong]

Huizong: " " (Translation: It was worth it!)

Curt: "You got me arrested you little c****!"

[Huizong gives Curt the finger and sticks his tongue out, he then grins at the camera, holding his sign and does the V-sign]

Curt: "That's offensive in Australia you p****!"

Huizong: " " (Translation: You know, I just don't care)

[The police officers take their picture, as Huizong grins at the camera with the V-sign while Curt looks angry]

[Cut to: Huizong and Curt get sent to their respective prison cells, Huizong is seen urinating on Curt as he sleeps, he then smiles, then sits down]

Huizong and Curt arrested by the police for fighting outside Supernannya

Mingzhui: " " (Translation: Hui----Huizong, You died, You died in Hiroshima, You died in Japan!)

Huizong: " " (Translation: It's true, I was dead, then ghost stuff happened, now, here I am, I, your son, have returned)

Mingzhui: "" (Translation: Where were you? I'm seeing my dead son!)

Huizong: "" (Translation: There was an US soldier who harassed us during WWII, He's a p****, I know US soldiers were friendly at times, but this one, he was a super b****, He kept harassing us over the phone, this is why Ryou has a fear of being alone with a d*** phone!)

Mingzhui: "" (Translation: You, I want an explanation, now)

Maria: "Like me, we died, he died in the bombing that ended the war, I died after being severely bullied to the point my tormenters and their brothers, murdered me, there's something still bounding him here, he probably wants to apologize what he witnessed during the war, or wants to have a life after the war, Tokiko-chan wants the same thing, I want justice what happened, my grandfathers were a POW and a Japanese POW guard, Ichi-Ichi let me who I wanted to be, Transformers or My Little Pony, but, Mikey was quite oppressive over me, Since I was more interested in Imperial Japan, despite what they had done more than the USA, I like the US and Japan, Ichiro was more gentle and shyer than Mikey, he would enjoy playing with her, and when he went to Japan and came back, he would by her some manga, yes, I can read Japanese and speak it fluently, Mikey dislikes this."

Reicheru: "Your son and daughter, son-in law and granddaughter are deceased and dead, but, They are currently ghosts, which work together alongside humans."

Mingzhui and Huizong meeting after 70 years

[Huizong is seen nude with Another Nicole, Huizong is using his officer cap to cover his genitals]

Huizong: " " (Translation: When I met "stop sexually harassing me", this is not what I ment! Give me back my clothes!)

Another Nicole: "Nope, you're sexier this way."

Huizong irritated by Another Nicole's behavior in Bathroom Trouble

[Huizong is seen with his hands on a pole, with his legs spread out]

Meimei: "" (Translation: And this is my twin, Hideki)

Huizong: (speaking Mandarin) "" (Translation: Hello.....)

Another Beatrix: "He's hot, I can tell you that...."

[Zhao raises his left hand]

Zhao: "" (Translation: Why is he in an IJA uniform? I honestly wanna know.... China was attacked by Japan in WWII---)

Meimei: "" (Translation: He was a Taiwanese soldier during WWII, he didn't commit atrocities, he did witness the Bataan Death March and Unit 731, but did beat up people and soldiers, he and the Kuro Unit behaved like a gang, I doubt some Chinese ever joined the IJA during WWII and the 30's, he speaks Mandarin and Japanese)

Another Beatrix: "Three words, okay? HOT A WHAT!"

Huizong: (whispering to Meimei) "" (Translation: The f*** does that mean?)

Meimei: "" (Translation: She thinks you're sexy and hot)

[Huizong nods, and gets up, takes his jacket off and tanktop off, revealing a slim figure with very little muscle mass]

Another Beatrix: "Meimei, your brother, he's just----just---I can't handle this s***, he's hot, hottest Taiwanese man ever, what era was he born in?"

Meimei: "" (Translation: 1922, Japanese-occupied Taiwan, dead in Hiroshima, age 23, so we weren't very old and we lived quite shortly)

[Another Beatrix goes on a Chinese translator and types in "Huizong, Will you go out with me?", then writes "徽宗,你會和我一起出去嗎?" which means what she wrote down and shows it to Huizong]

Huizong: "" (Translation: H*** yes!, Sis, Can I date her please!)

Meimei: "" (Translation: Sure, but aren't you two, like, 66 years apart, me and Huizong were born in 1922 and you were born in 1856)

Huizong: "" (Translation: Sis, we both died in our 20's, and so did her)

Huizong and Another Beatrix meeting for the first time

[A helicopter is seen, then it lands, then a Taiwanese man in his 20's comes out with a Japanese man and a Taiwanese woman holding a toddler]

Huizong: "安德魯和羅伯塔·奧特!我準熙徽宗!" (Translation: Andrew and Roberta Otter! I am Huizong Zhungxi!)

Andrew: (attempting to speak Mandarin, but mispronouncing the words) "Ni Hao, Xiangshen zhun xi...."

Jung-il: "" (Translation: When I thought your English was poor, Taiwanese ish-English Hideki, his Mandarin is c***!)

Meimei: "" (Translation: Shuddup, Jung-il)

Huizong: "奧特先生,你的普通話是他媽的太可怕了,你說話不好用翻譯或某事?" (Translation: Mr. Otter, your Mandarin is f***ing awful, did you speak poorly with a translator or somethin'?)

Sophie: "That's enough, Huizong, Dad, sorry about him, he's a bit of a thrill seeker and trash-talker, your mispronounced it."

[Jiao goes near Peanut, Butter, and Jelly]

Peanut: "Sophie, who's this girl?"

Sophie: "She's, Meimei and Hiro's daughter, and Huizong's niece, she's not a vicious child, but like her mom, uncle, and dad, she doesn't speak English, only Chinese and Japanese."

Jelly: "Um, that's really neat."

[Jelly then turns her head to Huizong, Hiro, and Meimei]

Jelly: "How old were you when you died?"

Huizong and Meimei: "" (Translation: Twenty-three years old)

Hiro: "" (Translation: Twenty-two)

Huizong, Jung-Il, and Jiao's visit in Lake Hoohaw during the episode Lake Hoohaw Adventure


  • His favorite food is onigiri, cream cheese bagels and watermelon, his least favorite is hot dogs and any meat products from America, such as fast food.
  • He dislikes vore, MPreg, and the Sonic Fandom.
  • His Chinese name in Japanese styled-kanji is actually Kiso Junhiro, but he didn't like the way his name came out, so he adopted the name Hideki, and his brother in law's surname.
  • Huizong has been in trouble due to the way he dresses in present day, causing people to mistake him for a vandal, a motorcycle bandit, and even a member of the mafia.
  • His IJA rank is Second Lieutenant, one rank lower than his brother in law, who was a First Lieutenant.
  • When he heard a Taiwanese man died playing Diablo III for 40 hours, he never played it again until Sophie told him that he was already dead and is a ghost.
  • Huizong is severely epileptic and was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 6 months old and suffered lower abdominal cramps due to being shot near the bladder.
  • His last words were "Jiao, go! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10" as a expected the atomic bomb to be a dud.
  • He is allergic to hair-dye, if gets on his skin causes a blistering eruption.
  • He is one of the TT10's most vile internet trolls, where he makes fun of disasters committed by the team, aswell as spamming and scamming the GBS into playing things with jumpscares or disturbing imagery, he goes under the name "Starscream of Taiwan"
  • His BMI is 17.31, meaning mild thinness, despite his slim build and being described as "hot" by most female characters, he is slightly below average weight, probably due to starvation in WWII.
  • He is the reason why the 2005 film Feed is banned in the Team Terrific 10 base.
  • According to himself, he died holding Jiao and holding Meimei's hand.
  • He is easily nauseous, and vomits after using the team's teleporter, shown in Attacking Gadadhara!, Likely due to long periods without food during WWII.
  • He likes reading horror and fantasy novels, the only thing he will not read is Twilight and Hatchet, he burnt the book due to the horrible writing.
  • The Miltown Cemetery Attack were on his 66th birthday.

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