Hugo Remano
Vital statistics
Title No information
Gender Male
Race Hispanic
Aliases Daddy, Brown Baldy
Born February 12, 1982 (age 30)
Died Living
Cause of death Living
Years Active 2013-present
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Location Mexico (1982-1989)
Lincoln, Nebraska (1989-2019)
Des Moines, Iowa (2019-present)
Spouse Bruna Katrina (2000-present)
Occupation(s) None yet


Hugo Remano (born February 12, 1982) (age 30) is a mexican-american man married to Bruna Remano, who is one month older.

Personal lifeEdit

He was born in February 12, 1982 in Tabasco, Mexico. His biological parents were murdered by a ninja on 1989, so he, along with his siblings, were sent to an orphanage for just one month, but he was adopted by his adoptive parents Roberta and Miguel on 1989 and moved to Nebraska afterward. The ninja was born on 1974 (age 38). He first met Bruna Remano on 1996 when he was 15. He married Bruna on 2000, giving him a stepchild named Katarina Remano. Together, the Remanos have some beautiful children with self-centered attitudes. They have Rowan, Sam, Joshua, Meghann, Bryce, Jose, and Orla. At 2012, the children were sent to Behavior Modification Camp as a result for their self-centered attitudes. The next day, Hugo and Bruna sent the children to Military School.


He has no hair, brown skin, rose-colored aviators, and is quite fat but not obese. His most rarely seen feature is the L-shaped scar on his left leg.

Family TreeEdit


  • Grandsons: Aidan Remano, Christopher Remano, Tyler Remano, Bronson Remano, Brian (Meghann's child).
  • Granddaughters: Adelle (Katrina's child), Cheryl (Katrina's child), Daisy, Heather.

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