Preparation Edit

Aunt Theresa: "My sister is preparing a 50th birthday for her house since it was built in 1980."

[Katie is preparing the dancing station, napkins, forks, spoons, food and drink]

Katie: "Wow, this is going to be the Best Day of my Life!"

Calling Aunt Theresa Edit

[Brett and Joel are helping their mother make a mobile robot of their own, putting everything from their house and buying everything and putting them in their robot]

[Katie's phone rings]

Aunt Theresa: "Hello? Is this Katie speaking?"

Katie: "Hi, Theresa. I'm hiring up a 50th birthday for our house because we need to celebrate it since we love it so much and we care about it a million percent."

Aunt Theresa: "What time does it start?"

Katie: "10am-10pm."

Aunt Theresa: "Okay, I'll write it in my planner once I finish talking to you."

Katie: "Sure."

Aunt Theresa: "Better go now, bye!"

Aunt Theresa gets Brett and Joel ready Edit

The Party Starts Edit

[Aunt Theresa is driving her robot, visiting Katie's house]

[She, Brett, Joel, Grandma Susie and Grandpa Tom get out of the robot]

Lunch (10:00-10:50) Edit

Katie: "Okay, time for lunch!"

Juan: "No! It's as disgusting as s***!"

Jose: "Juan's right!"

Antonio: "Yeah, motherf***er!"

Katie: "Be careful with your language, boys!"

[On the buffet table, it contains snack, vegetables, rice, meat, tortilla chips and soup]

[The tridectuplets, Brett and Joel come to the table and order some food]

Wii Games (11:00-11:50) Edit

[Katie turns on the Wii U]

Katie: "Do you want to play Mario or Just Dance?"

Brett: "Just Dance!"

Katie: "OK."

Cut to:

[Three figures take pictures sneak off to join a gang]

[Three figures hold bags of marijuana]

The Bounce House (12:00-12:50) Edit

[Katie and Aunt Theresa blow up the Bounce House for the kids to play]

[The tridectuplets, Brett and Joel enter the Bounce House]

Dancing Time (1:00-1:50) Edit

Katie: "First, we'll dance Cotton Eye Joe, then Cha-Cha slide, followed by the Macarena, and To the right, to the left, and kick it by yourself."

[Katie turns on the music]

Tug A War (2:00-2:50) Edit

Katie: "Okay Hudson Family! First round will be my family against against Aunt Theresa's family, second round will be males against females, third round will be adopted against biological and fourth round will be kids under 13 against adults over 13."

Water Balloons Fighting (3:00-3:50) Edit

Katie: "Alright! Time for the water balloon fight!"

Dinner Time (4:00-4:50) Edit

Katie: "We have leftover food for lunch for dinner. If there is no more food, I can bring more from the house."

Alice: "Okay!"

Cut to:

[Three figures are running as they hear a police siren]

Cut to:

[Katie goes into the basement, to find that it has been flooded]

Katie: "Who flooded the basement?"

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