Preparation Edit

Aunt Theresa: "18 years after my sister's family was saved by Supernanny, a family reunion happened because the triplets are now well-behaved and the tridectuplets graduated their schools, married and having children."

[Katie (48) is with Juan, Jose and Antonio (30) at the car]

Katie: "I can't wait for this family reunion to start!"

The tridectuplets (25) get ready to go Edit

Ethan gets ready to go Edit

Ethan: ""

Ethan's wife: ""

Ryan gets ready to go Edit

Ryan: ""

Ryan's wife: ""

Jonathan gets ready to go Edit

Jonathan: ""

Jonathan's wife: ""

Kyle gets ready to go Edit

Kyle: ""

Kyle's wife: ""

Liam gets ready to go Edit

Liam: ""

Liam's wife: ""

Eric gets ready to go Edit

Eric: ""

Eric's wife: ""

Sarah gets ready to go Edit

Sarah: ""

Kelly gets ready to go Edit

Kelly: "Jett, Gage and Trey, time to get ready for the family reunion! It starts at 11:00!"

Kelly's husband: ""

Julia gets ready to go Edit

Julia: "Jonah! Time to visit your family!"

Julia's husband: ""

Jonah: ""

Abby gets ready to go Edit

Abby: "Andrew, time for the "

Abby's husband: ""

Amanda gets ready to go Edit

Amanda: "Margaret and Melanie"

Amanda's husband: ""

Margaret and Melanie: "Okay mom!"

Alice gets ready to go Edit

Alice: "Jakey Jakey, get ready to see your family!"

Alice's husband: ""

Jake: ""

Milo gets ready to go Edit

Milo: ""

Milo's wife: "Joshua, off we go to the family reunion"

Joshua: ""

Brett and Joel (27) gets ready to go Edit

Brett gets ready to go Edit

Brett: ""

Brett's wife: ""

Joel gets ready to go Edit

Joel: ""

Joel's wife: ""

Meeting each other Edit

[Katie sees that Amanda is getting pregnant with twins]

Katie: "Hi Amanda! I see you're getting pregnant!"

Amanda: "Hi mom! I'm raising twins 2 months later and I got my 5th month getting pregnant."

Jonah: "Aunty Amanda?"

Amanda: "What, Jonah?"

The Family Reunion starts Edit

[Katie, the tridectuplets, their spouses and their children arrives at the Las Vegas ride]

Katie: "Here are the rules for this ride. First, you have to be at least 40" tall to ride by yourself, second, if you're between 35"-40", then you have to ride by a person who is at least 18 years old, third, no people who got recent surgery or cancer, holistic therapy, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy shouldn't go, also no pregnant women are allowed to be there."

Amanda: "Guess I'm not riding this time, plus, Andrew and Jake are too short to ride."

[Amanda brings Jake to the Barney movie theater]

Receptionist: "Hello! What do you want?"

Amanda: "I'm here to watch the new Barney movie with myself and these two boys of mine."

Receptionist: "Okay."

Amanda: "1 adult and 2 children."

Receptionist: "1 adult costs 10 dollars and 1 child costs 5 dollars."

Amanda: "Yes." (hands her 20$ bill to Receptionist)

Receptionist: "Thanks!"

Amanda: "You're welcome, bye!"

Receptionist: "You two!"

cut to:

Jonah: "Mommy! I'm scared!"

Julia: "Jonah, it's okay. We're on top, an adult will turn it back on."

cut to:

[The Barney movie starts]

[Amanda offers a bag of M&M's to Jake and a bag of Skittles to Andrew]

Announcer: "Okay, participants, if you have a cell phone, or any electronic device, please turn it off."

[Amanda turns off her cell phone]

Jake: "Barney!"

Andrew: "I miss you Barney!"

[Amanda is eating a bag of M&M's and Skittles mixed]

Amanda (stuffing candy in her mouth): "Look, it's Barney!"

2 hours later

[Amanda, Andrew and Jake come back and they notice the riders are stuck on top]

[Andrew and Jake try to help, but they notice, "if you are under 21, do not touch this machine except you can touch the machine if you ride"]

Andrew: "Aunty Amanda! There's a sign that for kids under 21, do not turn this on or off!"

Amanda: "Don't worry! I'll fix it!"

[amanda rushes to the machine, then turns it back on now it is able to move again]

Joshua: "Whew! We've been stuck there for a long time!"

Milo's wife: "I know, Joshua."

Going out for lunch Edit

[Katie arrives to a 16 year old receptionist]

Visiting the animals Edit

Katie: "Who wants to see the animals?"

Melanie: "I want to! I want to!"

Margaret: "Me too! I wanted to see them!"

Katie: "Okay."

2 months later... Edit

Aunt Theresa: "2 months after the family reunion then it was time for my niece Amanda to give birth."

Amanda: "Oh no! My water broke!"

Amanda's spouse: "Someone call 911! My wife is about to give birth to twins!"

1 hour later

Amanda: "How do you think of "

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