Katie dresses her children Edit

[Katie wakes up, yawns and notices that everything is red]

Katie: (yawning) "Wow! Everything in everywhere, especially Kansas City is red!"

[A few minutes later, Katie is dressing their children in their red suits and blouses]

Meeting Aunt Theresa and her family Edit

[Katie stops at Brett and Joel's house in Boulder, Colorado, then rings their doorbell]

[Brett and Joel are making Valentine's Day cards for each other]

Joel: "Mom, someone is at the door."

Brett: "I think it is Aunt Katie and her family."

[Aunt Theresa opens the door]

[The triplets' cards to Katie says, "(bleep) off! Mom sucks!"]

[The triplets' cards to the tridectuplets says, "I wish you're dead!"]

[The triplets' cards to Aunt Theresa says, "Aunt Theresa is f***!"]

[The triplets' cards to Brett and Joel says, "I wish you're also dead!"]

[The triplets' cards to Grandma Susie and Grandpa Tom says, "Your bones shall break in a minute!"]

Cooking a Red Recipe Edit

[Katie, Grandma Susie, Grandpa Tom, and Aunt Theresa are all cooking a red recipe called, "Susie and Tom's Red Cake"]

Grandma Susie: "The ingredients are eggs, ice cream, red frosting, apples, watermelon, red peppers, cherries, and strawberries."

Grandpa Tom: (reading the instructions) "The procedure is to break the eggs, put the ice cream on the mixing bowl, mix the eggs and ice cream together, bake it in the oven for 10 minutes, 300 degrees Fahrenheit, put the apples, watermelon, red peppers, cherries and strawberries in the mixer, put it in the baker for 3 minutes, 150 degrees Fahrenheit and you also have to put it on the cake too, and the final step is to put some red frosting on the cake."

Valentine's Day Buffet Edit

[Grandma Susie, Grandpa Tom, Katie, Aunt Theresa, Juan, Jose, Antonio, Ethan, Ryan, Jonathan, Kyle, Liam, Eric, Julia, Sarah, Kelly, Alice, Amanda, Abby, Brett and Joel are all seated at the table]

[On the buffet table, there is the red recipe, heart cookies, heart candy, strawberry shortcakes, and red peppers]

[Juan, Jose and Antonio unlocks Audrey's cage with a key and puts her on the buffet table, grabs a paintbrush and paints red paint on her and the paint almost falls on Audrey's eyes]

Juan: "Now hold still, cat!"

[Audrey hisses]

Grandpa Tom: "Guys, Audrey doesn't understand what you're talking about and you do not put her on the buffet table."

Jose: "That's not fair!"

Grandma Susie: "That is fair, boys and Audrey is not food."

Antonio: "Shut up, hag!"

Great-Grandmother Paige: (calling down from heaven) "Just ignore it, Susie."

[Audrey is screeching and scratching Jose, Antonio and Juan]

Antonio: "Ow, ow, ow! Audrey sliced my arms! I'm dying! I'm dying! I'm dying!"

Juan: Yeow! She cut my wrist!"

Jose: "Yeowch! She slashed my face and my hands! I'm bleeding to death! Help me! Call an ambulance!"

[Grandma Susie puts Audrey back in her cage and locks it]

Katie: "I need 15 helpers to come help with the buffet table."

[The tridectuplets, Brett and Joel raise their hands]

Katie: "So that's fifteen."

[The 15 well-behaved kids go on the buffet table]

Aunt Theresa:(chanting) "Go Brett and Joel, you can do it!"

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