The family decorates the houseEdit

Aunt Theresa: "My sister and her family are decorating her house."

[The family (except for Juan, Jose and Antonio) pulls the flip flop lights]

Katie: "Guys, when our neighbors, and relatives come to see our house, then they will absoulety love it!"

[Juan, Jose and Antonio cuts the holes on their tridecaplet siblings' stockings]

Alice: "Mommy! What happened?"

Julia: "They cut holes on our stockings!"

[The Hudson tridecaplets cry in pain]

Katie: "Boys! Why did you do such a thing?"

cut to:

[Aunt Theresa, Brett and Joel are helping each other decorating the house]

[Brett and Joel are preparing their stockings and the Christmas tree]

Brett: "Mommy, can Joel and I build a snowman right now?"

Aunt Theresa: "I think it's past dinnertime but you can go outside."

Joel: "Yay!"

[Brett and Joel goes outside]

Decorating gingerbread housesEdit

Aunt Theresa: "We are decorating gingerbread houses at my house."

[Katie grabs the supplies]

Watching Christmas moviesEdit

[Aunt Theresa take precautions to safely lock away inappropriate movies in the cabinet]

Joel: "How about The Muppet Christmas Carol?"

Aunt Theresa: "Okay, I put the inappropriate movies in the cabinet so Juan, Jose and Antonio won't snatch them."

Christmas Shopping Edit

Aunt Theresa: "The triplets are in the store with my sister and the tridectuplets, however they are not following the rules"

[Juan, Jose and Antonio are in the Christmas store with Katie and the tridecaplets]

Aunt Theresa: "A few minutes later, my sis ordered ornaments but bumped into me, Brett and Joel."

[Katie orders some ornaments but she bumps into Aunt Theresa, Brett and Joel]

[Brett is eating M&Ms while Joel is eating Skittles]

Katie: "Hi Theresa why are your two children eating candy?"

Aunt Theresa: "I let them to crush candy in their mouths."

Katie: "They're playing Candy Crush Saga inside their mouths."

Aunt Theresa: "Yes."

[The triplets take the candy away from Brett and Joel and starts eating it]

[Aunt Theresa confiscates the candy away and gives it back to her boys]

Katie: "I better start decorating the tree when I get home."

Aunt Theresa: "Better go now, bye!"

Seeing the FamilyEdit

Katie gets readyEdit

Aunt Theresa: "My sis has to get ready to see my family in Colorado."

[Katie is packing the tridectuplets' and the triplets' stuff while the triplets and the tridectuplets are having their dinner]

Katie: "Hurry up, kids! We have to go to Aunt Theresa's by 8:00! Eat your dinner quickly!"

Driving to Brett and Joel's houseEdit

Aunt Theresa: "There is too many traffic from Kansas City to Boulder, I hate this part."

[At 7:00 PM, Katie is driving to Boulder, Colorado in her van to Brett and Joel's house]

Katie: "Man, I can't stand this traffic. Lots of people are going Christmas shopping."

At Brett and Joel's houseEdit

[Katie rings the doorbell]

[Aunt Theresa answers the door]

[Katie and her 16 children see Brett and Joel listening to Christmas music in their respective iPods while playing Candy Crush Saga on their iPads]

Katie: "Brett, Joel, what songs are you listening to?"

Aunt Theresa: "Katie, they are listening to Christmas music on their respective iPods while playing Candy Crush Saga on their iPads."

Brett: (pausing song and unplugging earphones) "I'm listening to Jingle Bell Rock."

Joel: "And I'm listening to It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas."

The tridecaplets' Christmas PlayEdit

Getting ReadyEdit

Aunt Theresa: "We have to go to the tridecaplets' Christmas play at 1:00 PM."

[Katie is dressing their tridecaplets in their costumes while Brett and Joel are playing with their grandparents' cat Audrey]

[Juan, Jose, and Antonio come with a sledgehammer and hits Audrey with it]

[Audrey meows in pain]

[Brett and Joel return Audrey to Grandma Susie and Grandpa Tom in their formal wear]

Brett: "Grandma, Grandpa, your cat was hit by the sledgehammer by my adoptive cousins."

Joel: "Now she's crying."

Aunt Theresa: "Guys, time to see your cousins' Christmas play! It starts at 1 PM!"

Brett & Joel: "Yay!"

Juan, Jose & Antonio: "No!"

Aunt Theresa: (to the triplets) "Yes you are going to see the play like everybody else!"

Antonio: "Why do we have to see a stupid play?"

Aunt Theresa: "Right! Naughty Tuffets!"

[Aunt Theresa and Katie send the triplets to the Naughty Tuffets]

Aunt Theresa: " "

[The triplets ]

Aunt Theresa: "What are you doing?"

[The triplets escape and run outside to meet their friends Steven, Chester, William & Gabe]

Katie: "Quick! We have to go after them!"

[Katie, Milo, Abby, Julia and Eric chase after Antonio, who runs to Steven's house]

Katie: "Antonio, we don't have time for this. We are running late! You'd better not go into that house!"

[Aunt Theresa, Brett, Joel, Jonathan, Amanda, Ethan and Alice chase after Jose, who runs to Chester's house]

Aunt Theresa: "Come on, Jose, we are running late!"

[Grandma Suzie, Grandpa Tom, Sarah, Ryan, Kyle, Kelly and Liam chase after Juan, who runs to Gabe's house]

Grandpa Tom: "Hurry up Juan, we have to be there by 1:00, like your mother and aunt Theresa said!"

[William runs to Gabe's house, with his parents Marisol and Daryl chasing after him]

[Grandma Susie tries to drag Juan out of Gabe's house]

Grandma Susie: "Come on! Let's go, because it starts at 1PM!"

[The triplets and their friends run to the arcade]

[Katie, Aunt Theresa, Grandma Susie Grandpa Tom, the tridecaplets, Brett and Joel and the parents of the triplets' friends run after them]

Katie, Aunt Theresa, Grandma Susie, Grandpa Tom, Ellen, Carl, Arlene, James, Marisol, Daryl, Janet and Kevin (loudly): "THERE YOU ARE BOYS!"

[Steven's parents Ellen and Carl take him home]

Carl: "Let's go."

Ellen: "Come on now."

[Chester's parents Arlene and James take him home]

Arlene: " "

James: "The Nutcracker will be starting in 8 hours, so we have to be at Grandma's house by "

Chester: "I don't want to go to that stupid ballet!"

James: " "

[William's parents Marisol and Daryl take him home]

Marisol: " "

William: " "

[Gabe's parents Janet and Kevin take him home]

Janet: " "

Kevin: " "

[The family arrives home and the adults are banishing the triplets to their Naughty Tuffets]

Aunt Theresa: "You sit there until it's time to go to your tridecaplet siblings' Christmas play! Don't get up!"

[Audrey's 14 year old pet sitter Jessica rings the doorbell[

[Aunt Theresa answers the door]

[Grandma Susie picks up a crying Audrey and returns it to Jessica]

Grandma Susie: "Jessica, my cat was hit by a sledgehammer by my adoptive grandchildren. Can you please cure her before you look after her?"

Jessica: "Okay Susie."

Katie: "Right, come on boys, it's time to leave. We're running late."

[The 22 people leave Audrey with Jessica] 

[Katie goes in her van with the triplets and tridecaplets]

[Aunt Theresa goes in her van with Brett, Joel, Grandma Susie and Grandpa Tom]

12:45 PM Edit

[The family, except the tridecaplets arrive at the school reception desk]

Grandpa Tom: "Good afternoon. Can we have 9 tickets for the please?"

1:00 PM Edit

[Mrs. Wilson sets up the microphone]

Mrs. Wilson (on the microphone): "Good afternoon, welcome to Kansas City Elementary School! My name is Mrs. Phoebe Wilson and I'm your tridectuplet children's teacher. I knew all of you came by 1 PM, in which the play starts. Presenting, the Christmas Family at Grandma's house!"

Brett and Joel (chanting): "Go! You can do it!"

[Juan, Jose and Antonio gives their tridecaplet siblings the middle finger, then threw many small rocks at them]


Aftermath Edit

[A furious Katie swings the triplets to the couch]


December 23Edit

Aunt Theresa: "The kids are all snowball fighting while me and the other adults are having a chat with each other on the triplets' behaviors."

[The Hudson Family (except for the adults) are playing outside on the snow]

[Jose throws a snowball at Kelly's jacket]

Kelly: "Jose! How dare you throw a snowball at my jacket!"

[Kelly throws a snowball at Jose, then misses because it went on Milo's shirt]

Milo: "Jose! Kelly! How dare you throw snowballs at my shirt!"

Jose: "What's the harm in throwing snowballs?"

[Antonio pees on the snow]

Grandma Susie: "Oh my lord!"

[Juan makes a snowball that Antonio peed on and throws it on Grandma Susie's face]

Grandma Susie: "OW! That hurt!"

December 24Edit

[Brett and Joel are making Gingerbread people]

[Katie runs up to Brett and Joel]

Katie: "Hi, can I get $16.00 for my kids?"

[Katie returns the money to Brett and Joel]

Joel: "Sure."

Brett: "Kids, come on in."

Katie: "Kids, in case if you want to draw, I've got you some copies of Christmas coloring papers along with crayons and Christmas music in my iPod."

Opening Up StockingsEdit

Aunt Theresa: ""

Katie: "Wow! I've got a cell phone, a Visa credit card and a iPad!"

Ethan: "Crayons!"

Jonathan: "Pencils!"

Ryan: "A new iPod!"

Milo: "Markers!"

Joel: "Tickets to Las Vegas!"

Kyle: "Caramel Corn!"

Eric: "A new camera!"

Liam: "A MP3 Player!"

Julia: "A coloring book!"

Brett: "Jelly beans!"

Sarah: "Candy Canes!"

Alice: "Candy!"

Kelly: "A New The Simpsons Encyclopedia!"

Abby: "A new jewelry set!"

Amanda: "A dictionary!"

[Juan, Jose and Antonio look in their stocking for coal]

Juan: "Ugh!"

Jose: "Santa!"

Antonio: "He gave us coal!"

[The letter says, "Juan, Jose and Antonio, you three have been very bad boys this year. You did poorly in school, attacked, bullied, menaced and terrorized your tridecaplet siblings and your cousins, tormented your mother, said a lot of very bad words, ruined the tridecaplets' birthday, got kicked out of several schools, smoked pot and ruined the holidays and special occasions, Signed Santa" in cursive]

[Antonio crumbles up the letter and throws it in the trash]

Katie: "I"m sorry boys, but if you behave better, Santa might give you some presents."

Grandma Susie: "He's been watching you every year."

[Grandpa Tom retrives the letter]

Katie: "Plus, I called Santa Claus and told him to bring you coal."

Aunt Threresa: "Do you want us to read the note out that Santa gave you? This will prove it to you three."

Aunt Theresa: (reading) "Juan, Jose and Antonio, you three have been very bad boys this year. You did poorly in school, attacked, bullied, menaced and terrorized your tridecaplet siblings and your cousins, tormented your mother, said a lot of very bad words, ruined the tridecaplets' birthday, got kicked out of several schools, smoked pot and ruined the holidays and special occasions, Signed Santa"

Jose: "Let's attack and kill our tridecaplet siblings, Brett and Joel for being the only 15 kids that got presents!"

[Juan attacks the following people. Ethan, Ryan, Jonathan, Milo and Alice]

[Jose attacks the folliwing people, Liam, Kyle, Eric, Sarah and Kelly]

[Antonio attacks the following people, Amanda, Abby, Julia, Joel and Brett]

[Juan pushes the Christmas tree and it lands on Amanda]

Amanda: "Help!"

Ryan: "What's wrong Amanda?"

Liam: "Ryan, Juan pushed the Christmas tree on her."

Ethan: "Don't worry, Amanda, Jonathan and I"ll get your mother."

Jonathan: "Mom! Amanda is pinned by the Christmas Tree!"

Ethan: "Juan did this to her!"

Kyle: "Mom, Aunt Theresa. I can't find my presents. It is missing."

Joel: "Mee too."

Brett: "Maybe the Grinch stole them."

Abby: "Cousin Brett, the Grinch is not real."

Sarah: "Don't worry, I'll get Amanda out of the Christmas Tree."


Milo: "Poor Amanda, Juan pushed her to the tree."

Kelly: "Let me dial 911."

Alice: "No! If you dial 911, she'll get a surgery!"

Eric: "You know what, I'm getting Amanda out of the Christmas tree!"

Katie: "Juan! Why did you such a thing to Amanda?"

Christmas DinnerEdit

Food Fighting Edit

[Katie, Grandma Susie, Grandpa Tom, Aunt Theresa, Juan, Jose, Antonio, Brett, Joel, Amanda, Abby, Julia, Alice, Sarah, Kelly, Milo, Liam, Kyle, Eric, Jonathan, Ethan and Ryan are all seated at the dinner table]

Jose (megaphone): "Food fight!"

[Juan throws some broccoli at Joel's shirt]

[Antonio throws some mashed potatoes at Brett's face]

Aunt Theresa: "Yuck!"

[Antonio pours some soup on Aunt Theresa's face]

Grandma Susie: "My lord!"

Abby: "Let's have peace, stop this food fight!"

[Juan throws some pasta at Abby's hair but it went to Alice]

Aunt Theresa: "ACK! I CAN'T SEE!"


Grandma Susie: "Just ignore him, Theresa."

[Grandpa Tom cleans the soup off Aunt Theresa's face]

Katie: "I think I had enough of this drama."

Grandpa Tom: "Me too."

[Jose breaks Grandma Susie and Grandpa Tom's favorite wedding picture and it fells on Audrey]

[Audrey meows in pain]

[Brett and Joel runs up to the crying Audrey]

Brett: "Audrey, are you okay?"

Joel: "Did something bother you?"

Grandma Susie: "Brett, Joel, I think our cat just got hit by our wedding picture!"

[Grandpa Tom grabs Audrey and he takes her to the animal doctor]

[Grandma Susie runs to the couch crying]

Katie: "What's wrong, mom?"

Grandma Susie (crying): "My cat was hurt by our wedding picture by Jose!"

Dinner with Santa Edit

[Katie, Aunt Theresa, Grandma Susie, Grandpa Tom, Audrey, Brett, Joel, Juan, Jose, Antonio, Alice, Sarah, Kelly, Julia, Amanda, Abby, Milo, Liam, Eric, Kyle, Jonathan, Ryan and Ethan all appear in elf costumes at the Boulder, Colorado Catering Hall]

Grandma Susie: "Tom and I dressed Audrey in her Christmas clothing."

[A few minutes later, Santa Claus comes in and Christmas music in Katie's iPod is coming]

[Juan, Jose and Antonio pushes Santa off his chair]

Santa: "Ow!"

Aunt Theresa: "Oh my lord!"

[Juan throws some crayons on Santa]

[Jose sets Santa on fire]

[Antonio grabs a giant bucket of water and pours it on Santa]

Santa: "Help! Help! Help!"

Grandpa Tom: "Don't worry Santa! I'm on it!"

[Grandpa Tom grabs a fire extinguisher and cleans off Santa]

Santa: "Ethan, Ryan, Jonathan, Kyle, Liam, Eric, Sarah, Kelly, Alice, Julia, Amanda, Abby, Milo, Brett, Joel! Time for you to get your presents"

[The tridecaplets, Brett and Joel reveals their presents]

Katie: "Do you want to color in some Christmas coloring pages?"

Tridecaplets, Brett and Joel: "Yes!"

Juan, Jose and Antonio: "No!"

[The triplets try to snatch the present from Alice, but they missed]

[Alice comes crying to Katie]

Katie: "What's the matter, honey?"

Alice (sobbing): "They stole my present!"

15 minutes later

Grandpa Tom: "Alright! Dinnertime!"

[The family sits in their respective seats]

Katie: "Juan, Jose and Antonio, you three have to eat at least 3 pieces of broccoli before you can have anything you want."

[Juan, Jose and Antonio reluctantly eats their three pieces of broccoli]

Aunt Theresa: "Way to go!"

[Katie gives the fries to the triplets, and they munch on it accurately]

New Year's DayEdit


[6 days later, the countdown starts on the annual New Year's Rockin' Eve special program on TV]

Everyone: "60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50, 49, 48, 47, 46, 45, 44, 43, 42, 41, 40, 39, 38, 37, 36, 35, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy 2031 New Year!"

[On the TV, we see fireworks that explode outdoors in Times Square]

Joel: "Brett! Happy New Year!"

Brett: "Happy New Year too!"

Katie: "Theresa, I banished them to their respective beds so they won't ruin the New Year's Party."

[Aunt Theresa gets out the New Year's Day muffins from the kitchen]

[5 minutes later, Juan, Jose and Antonio grab a sledgehammer and hit Joel with it]

Aunt Theresa: "What the-"

Brett: "OMG! What happened?"

[Joel starts to cry]

Aunt Theresa: "What's wrong, Joel?"

Alice: "Mom, Aunty Theresa, they hit Cousin Joel on the head with a sledgehammer."

Katie: "Don't worry, I'll deal with your adoptive brothers, Aunt Theresa and your cousin Brett will take care of him."

[Katie's temper explodes]


[Juan grabs the sledgehammer and hits Brett on the head with it]

[Brett also begins to cry too]

Milo: "Not only Joel got hit on the head, but Brett did."

[Aunt Theresa's temper also explodes]


[Alice comforts the crying Brett and Joel]

Alice: "There, there Brett and Joel. Everything's going to be all right."

Julia: "I hate my mom's explosive temper."

[Jose also gets the sledgehammer and hits Grandma Suse on the head with it]

Grandma Susie: "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

[Grandma Susie faints]

Katie (megaphone): "I SAID GO BACK TO BED RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

[Katie banishes the triplets back to bed]

[Antonio gets the sledgehammer and hits Katie on the private area with it]


[Juan, Jose, and Antonio hold the sledgehammer and run around the house naked, forcing Katie to get them]

Juan: "Try and get us, loser!"

[The triplets attack all the 19 people with the sledgehammers and they all faint]

Katie (megaphone): "GO TO BED RIGHT THIS INSTANT!"

[The triplets slap Katie on the back with a hard frying pan]

Katie: "Ouch! Who did this?"

[Katie storms downstairs]

Katie: "Mom, Theresa, "

[Antonio picks up Great-Grandpa Thomas's statue and throws it across the room, smashing it into a hundred pieces]

[The three women arrive with wooden spoons]

[Katie spanks Juan with the wooden spoon]

[Aunt Theresa spanks Jose with the wooden spoon]

[Grandma Susie spanks Antonio with the wooden spoon]

[The triplets snatch the wooden spoons and rapidly attack the three women with them 100 times]

Grandpa Tom: "What on earth is going in here?"

[The three women run to Grandpa Tom crying]

Aunt Theresa: (sobbing) "He hit me!"

Grandma Susie: (sobbing) "He slapped me!"

Katie: (sobbing) "He hurt me!"

Juan/Jose/Antonio (to the four adults) "WE HATE YOU AND WE WISH YOU'RE ALL DEAD!"

1:30 AMEdit

Aunt Theresa: "1 and a half hour later, the drama was still insane!"

[Juan violently shakes Audrey's cage]

[Jose force feeds Brett some vodka]

[Antonio force feeds Joel some vodka]

[Audrey cries in pain]

Brett: "Waatttttt.....Happpannnad????" (Translation: What happened?)

Joel: "Auuuudreeee.... Arrr.... Yuuuu.  Ookaaayyyy????" (Translation: Audrey, are you okay?)

[Katie, Aunt Theresa and Grandma Susie banishes the triplets back to bed]

Aunt Theresa: "Go back to bed right this instant!"

Katie: "We're not kidding you!"

Grandma Susie: "Oh my god! Brett and Joel just got in to the alcoholic drinks by the triplets so that's why these girls sent them back to bed."

[Grandpa Tom notices the crying Audrey and picks her up and puts her in her sleeper]

[Grandma Susie makes a sign that says, "Do not go near my cat after her bedtime, ever! Thanks, Susie Hudson (signed in cursive)"]

New Year's Day and Brett and Joel's 9th BirthdayEdit

Choosing the Theme Edit

Aunt Theresa: "One month ago, I asked Brett and Joel what theme would they like for their birthday."

Aunt Theresa: "Good morning, Brett and Joel! What theme do you want for your birthday?"

Brett: "Candy Crush Saga New Year's at Chuck E. Cheese's like the tridecaplets!"

Aunt Theresa: "Excellent, and how would you like your cake?"

Aunt Theresa: "Great idea, I'll call Aunt Katie, Bernie, Mrs. Miller and the parents of your classmates and your friends! These are the people we sent invitations to!"

Aunt Theresa: "Your Aunt Katie has booked a babysitter for Juan, Jose and Antonio, so that they will not ruin other people's birthdays this time."

Aunt Theresa makes calls Edit

Aunt Theresa: " "

Katie Edit

Aunt Theresa: "Hello? Is this Katie Hudson speaking?"

Bernie Edit

Brett and Joel's Teacher Edit

The parents of Brett and Joel's classmates and friends Edit

Katie gets prepared Edit

Aunt Theresa: "It's the day of New Year's Day and my twins' birthday."

Katie: "Juan Diego, Jose Luis and Antonio Francesco, get over here right now!"

Jose: "What is it, you stupid moron?"

Katie: "First of all, you do NOT call me stupid moron. Second of all, I want you to STAY home with the sitter until we come back home. Last of all, you will not RUIN Brett and Joel's birthday just like you did to your tridecaplet siblings."

Going to the Party Edit

The Sitter Arrives Edit

Alice: "Mom, why do the triplets have to stay with the sitter for?"

Katie: "I'm afraid they might ruin Brett and Joel's birthday just they did to you and your tridecaplet siblings."

[The doorbell rings]

The Party Starts Edit

Aunt Theresa (to Brett and Joel): "Look, your godmother is here!"

[Bernie (Brett and Joel's godmother) arrives with a shopping bag full of presents]

Bernie: "Here's one for Brett!"

[Bernie hands a present for Brett]

Bernie: "Here's one for Joel!"

[Bernie hands a present for Joel]

cut to:

[Juan, Jose and Antonio escapes from the Hudson Family home leaving the sitter there, invites their friends, Steven, Chester, William and Gabe to wreck Brett and Joel's Birthday]

Sitter: "BOYS! Come back here!"

[The triplets and their friends run to a deserted alley where their gang meeting is being held]

[The sitter and the parents of Steven, Chester, William and Gabe run after them extremely fast]


cut to:

Brett: "Look, Joel it's Chuck. E!"

cut to:

[Before the party, the triplets and their friends draws a picture of someone resembling Katie, Aunt Theresa, Grandma Susie, Grandpa Tom, Bernie (Brett and Joel's godmother), Mrs. Sydney Miller (Brett and Joel's teacher), the tridecaplets, Brett, Joel, their friends, their friends' families and the parents of the triplets' friends getting hit by a bullet train and blasted into Godzilla's mouth]

Katie: "Oh my god!"

[Juan attacks a female customer on the breast]

[Jose knocks down a baby's chair, causing him to cry]

Baby's mother: " "

[Antonio flips off a customer]

[The triplets' friends start messing up the party]

[Juan pulls the fire alarm]

Party AftermathEdit

Aunt Theresa: " "

The triplets get arrested, while the tridecaplets and the twins reveal their presentsEdit

Aunt Theresa: " "

[Ethan, Ryan, Jonathan, Kyle, Liam, Eric, Sarah, Kelly, Julia, Alice, Milo, Abby, Amanda, Brett, and Joel go in the living room to reveal all their presents]

cut to: 

Policeman 1: "What's their names, young woman?"

Katie: "Juan, Jose and Antonio. I found bags of marijuana in their bedroom!"

[cut to: policeman getting lacerated]

Policeman 2: "You three are under arrest for possession of illegal drugs and attempted murder to your adoptive family, now handcuffs, misters!"

[Juan kicks Policeman 1 in the private area]

[Juan bites Policeman 2's hand]

[Antonio smacks Policeman 3 on the face]

Policeman 3: "Hey! Smacking people on the face is unacceptable!"

[The three policemen drives the policecar containing the triplets]

cut to: 

Brett: "Wow!"

Joel: "More peacefulness!"

[The tridecaplets, Brett, and Joel are outside with peace in the snow with snowball fights, snow angels and building snowmen]

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