Gloria visits Kansas City to meet 30-year-old single mother Katie with her misbehaving Mexican triplets, Juan, Jose and Antonio (12). But the fraternal tridecaplets are well behaved. Their names are Ethan, Jonathan, Ryan, Kyle, Eric, Julia, Liam, Abby, Amanda, Sarah, Kelly, Milo and Alice (7). The Mexican triplets fight, swear, do odd things, terrorize the 13 and their cousins, Brett and Joel (both 9) who are Katie's sister Theresa's (24) sons, refuses to eat their vegetables, say bad words, ruin the holidays and special occasions, and do unacceptable stuff. Plus, they're expelled from over 10 schools! Can Gloria help Katie from the triplets' bad behavior.

Discipline Techniques used: Naughty Tuffet (for Juan, Jose and Antonio)

Transcripts in Theory GamesEdit

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