This video can be purchased at the Shack of Triumph in the Theory 3 for 1,750 jewels.


Bruno: "Okay, guys. We're at Six Flags. I expect you to be on your best behavior, including you, Ross."

All 3: "Okay....."

Luther: "This is gonna be better than last year."

Yoshi: "うんルター" (Translation: Yea Luther)

[Ross pinches Yoshi]

[Yoshi screams in horror]

Bruno: "What happened?"

Yoshi:"挟まロス私!" (translates to: "ROSS PINCHED ME!")

Bruno: "Ross, you do not pinch anyone. That is not nice."

Luther: "I want to ride the roller coaster!"

[The Kirochu family arrives]

Orla: "Hi."

Bruno: "How are you?"

[Anna is seen making faces]

orla: "I am doing fine, thank you."

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