Jo revisits the Hudgens, Yoshi and Ross both no longer act up and Jenna and Bruno adopted 5 children Ling from China, age 11 and Identical Quaduplets Kim-Sang, Kim-Ok, Kim-Sung, and Kim Sook, from North Korea, age 8. the Quaduplets except Kim-Sung have Yoshi and Ross' old behavior while Ling is well-behaved. And Luther gives attention. He hangs out with high school love is Chloe Barista (17) for the weekends while Yoshi teaches Ross on how to make Origami.

Kim-Sang is selfish and only cares for herself

Kim-Ok has a hard time speaking English but she is mostly well-behaved

Kim-Sook is the worst behaved she kicks, swears, punches

Kim-Sung is well-behaved

Them and Ling also don't understand English either

Yoshi is now 12 years old, Ross is now 10 years old, Luther is now 19 years old, Jenna is now 50 years old, Bruno is now 55 years old,, the Quaduplets are 8 years old, Ling is 11 years old.

Dicipline Techiques: Reflection Room, Lose What You Like Chart

Other Techiques: Thought Box, Reward Chart (Pokemon for Yoshi, Chinese Writing for Ling, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid for Ross, and Star Wars for Luther, and Barbie for the quaduplets), Learn English

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