The Hudgens Family is a fanon season 14 episode of Supernanny. Jo helps out Patricia Hudgens (54) who lost her husband Herb in a shooting. She has 5 beautiful adopted children: fraternal twins Akahana and Akihito (11) who were born in Japan, and triplets Gangjeon Bae, Gangjeon Ae-Cha, and Gangjeon Ae-Sook (7) who were born in North Korea. The adopted children are all well-behaved, but biological daughter Olesia-Marie (17) is far from it. She has a real problem with being grateful, has no respect for her mother, and calls her every name in the book, and treats her like garbage. She is also defiant and agressive, and is under the influence of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. She has been expelled from 30 schools. Can Jo's Lose What You Like Chart and Naughty Swivel be enough to tame this tearaway teen?

Discipline Techniques: Naughty Swivel, Privilege Removal Board