Before the revolving line of credit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny....."

[Ross cries]

Announcer: "Jo visits the Hudgens."

[Yoshi shouts]

Announcer: "Whose 2-year-old son won't give up his pacifier..."

Jenna: "Ross, you're a big boy now and you do not need your binky anymore."


Announcer: "....and an adopted child who is nearly got expelled from daycare."

[Yoshi screams while Luther tells Yoshi to stop then Yoshi quiets down]

Yoshi: "....."

Announcer:"And a well-behaved 10-year old."

[Luther doing his homework]

Annoncer: ".....But Ross is the worst behaved and he is on the brink of getting expelled from Pre-K."

[Ross hits Yoshi]

Announcer: "Can Jo help this Philadelphia family?"

Submission Reel

Jo: "So I am in Philadelphia, PA ready to help a family. Let's see who we have here this week."

???:"Hi, I'm Jenna and I work at a nail salon."

???:"And I'm Bruno and we have 3 sons: Luther who is 10, Yoshi who is 4, and Ross who just turned 2. I work at a factory."

Jenna: "Yoshi was adopted from Japan and can't speak English very well and that causes his confusion and anger as a result, However we give him a pikachu plush to squeeze if he get's angry and Ross refuses to give up his binky and is the worst behaved."

Yoshi: "私は彼が私をいじめ続けているロスが非常に好きではありません。(Translation: i don't like Ross very much he keeps on bullying me.)

Jo:"I'm on my way."

Observation begins

Luther: "Come on in."

Jo:"Oh, thank you!"

Jenna: "Hi! You must be Jo."

[Jo comes up to Yoshi]

Jo:"Hello, sweetie!"

Yoshi:"こんにちは." [Translates to: "Hi."]

[Yoshi shakes Jo's hand]

Yoshi:"When I first saw Jo-Jo, I didn't understand."

Jenna:"Ross, we have a visitor!"

Ross:"Hi. Daddy's at work."


[Yoshi gets confused]

Jo:"When did you adopt Yoshi?"

Jenna:"4 years ago when he was 6 months."


Ross: "Hey, Yoshi! Can you give Mario a ride on your back?"

Hudgens Family Issues

Jo:"Yoshi started to play up."

[Yoshi tries to destroys Ross' Thomas The Tank Engine bed]

Jenna: "Yoshi, stop, please!"

[Yoshi screams]

Yoshi: [Trys to calm down]

[Jenna gives Yoshi a Pikachu plush]

Yoshi: "....."

[Yoshi calms down and smiles at Jo and Jenna]

Yoshi: [Tries to say Hi in English]

Jo: "Why do you give him a stuffed animal? You're giving him that for his destructive behavior! I'm seeing mixed messages here. but I know Yoshi has a hard time speaking english."

Jenna: "I brought him that Pikachu plush because it will calm him down even more if he cries during one of his fits also speaking Japanese will make him stop; however, Ross is worst behaved child in the family. Beheading Yoshi's toys for no reason and hitting Luther and Yoshi. He also ruined Yoshi's 4th Pokemon-themed birthday party by bullying the guests, and most of his guests were boys. He also broke Yoshi's arm once when Yoshi was 3; Yoshi was bawling his eyes out. As a result, Ross was grounded for 4 days for those incidents. We went to Six Flags in New Jersey this summer, and it was awful. Yoshi got stuck in a rollercoaster because Ross messed around with the controls but I saved him and also when we were on another ride Ross started to beat the god out of Yoshi. That's why rollercoasters make him scared and when the Kirochus came down Tariko was looking after Yoshi and can communicate with her Anna always hits him."

[Jo tries to speak Japanese]

Yoshi:あなたの日本語はひどいです。(translation:"Your Japanese is awful")

Jo:"I know, Yoshi. But I am British."

Yoshi:私が知っている (translation: "I know.")

[Bruno comes home]


Bruno: "Hi Ross! So how was your adoptive brother?"

Ross: "We have a new visitor Jo-Jo!"

Bruno: "Hi Jo!"

Jo: "Hello."

Parent Meeting

Jenna: "How will Ross give up his Binky and help Yoshi on how to speak English?"

Bruno: " Agree."

Jo: "Listen up.I will buy a Learn English CD-ROM for Yoshi and a Paci-Fairy for Ross."

Jenna: "That's good."

Bruno: "I agree."

Jenna: "Yoshi is the most behaved out of Ross and himself he might do what he is told."

Bruno: "If i speak english he might stop being destructive."

House Rules

Jo: "Today, we're going to have rules in the house. The first rule is respect other people's property."

Jo: "No bullying people."

Jo: "No hurting other people."

Calling Nicole Birou-Jennings

[Nicole is helping Orla and Kayla with their history homework]

[The phone rings and Nicole picks it up]

Nicole: "Jennings Residence, may I ask who's calling please?"


Jo: "I'm now going to introduce the Naughty Square..."

[Jo presents a Square-shaped rug]

Luther's 11th Birthday Party

Jo: "Later on, Luther turned 11 and is having a Star Wars-themed birthday party."

[Luther is dressed in a Luke Skywalker costume complete with a blue Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber and Bruno is dressed in a Darth Vader costume complete with a red Darth Vader Lightsaber]

Jenna (dressed in a Queen Amidala costume): "Almost done, Yoshi."

[Ross is dressed in a Jedi costume]

Jenna: "Okay, Yoshi. All done. My, you look handsome."

Yoshi: "おかげでママ! (Translation: Thanks mommy!)

[Yoshi is dressed in a Han Solo costume]

Jenna: "Come on, boys. Let's go join your father and your brother."

Yoshi: "大丈夫!" (Translation: Okay!)

[Star Wars music is playing in the background]

Jo: "Who's up for Jedi Training?"

Party guests: "Me!"

[Yoshi dances Japanese-like while using a light saber trying to impress the guests]

Jo: "Yoshi that is adorable."

Jo: "Ross felt a bit left out because Yoshi was getting all the attention.."

Yoshi: "Then Ross did it again like he did last year on Luther's 10th birthday but worse."

Ross: "No!"

[Ross gets the Cake from the table smashes it into Yoshi's face]

[Yoshi starts to cry]


[Luther dries Yoshi off with a towel]

Luther: "Here we go Yoshi better now?

Yoshi: (Stops crying) "はいルター" (Translation: Yes Luther)

Jenna: "Ross that was so mean of your Daddy just brought that!"

Ross: (Scoffs) "IT IS A STUPID CAKE!"

Jenna: "You know what? you just got a trip to the Naughty Square young man!"

[Yoshi goes up to Bruno and tells on Ross]

Yoshi: "パパ!ロスは私にケーキを投げた!" (Translation: Daddy! Ross threw the cake at me!)

[Bruno puts Ross on the Naughty Square]

Bruno: "You are on here for smashing the cake in your brother's face. Stay there for 2 minutes! In addition, your Diego's in toy jail!"

Luther: (To Yoshi) "I am glad you did not ruin my party Yoshi i am proud of you."

Yoshi: "私は知っている。" (Translation: I know)

[Luther pats Yoshi's head]

Guest: "Luther, here is a present for you."

[The guest hands Luther a present]

Luther: "Thanks."

[Luther unwraps it to reveal a Philadelphia Phillies cap]

Luther: "Awesome! A new Phillies cap!"

[Yoshi jumps in Happiness]

Luther: "Yoshi don't get too excited."

Guest: "So why does he do that?"

Luther: "He is very excitable at times."

The Paci-Fairy Technique

Jenna: "Ross, have you ever heard about the story of the Paci-fairy?"

Ross: "Hmm?"

Jenna: "She flies all over the world and gathers all the binkies from big kids who don't need them anymore and gives them to the babies who need them."

Ross: "And?"

Jenna: "There's one more thing, she's the Tooth Fairy's kid sister!"

Ross: "Duh.."

Jo: "She's a robot that was invented 20 years ago by a young mother of 6's late father."

Ross: "Blah...Blah...Blah!"

Jo: "Ross, the Paci-Fairy is going to collect your binky to give it to the babies who need it tonight."


[Ross tries to attack Jo, but Jo blocks Ross's fist and foot]

Jenna: "Ross, you don't need your binky anymore. The Paci-Fairy is going to collect your binky tonight to give it to the babies who need it now;"


[Ross attacks Jenna]

Learn English

Mommy and Me

Thought Box


DVD Meeting


Bye Bye Jo-Jo

Family Update

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