The Hudgens Family is a fanon season 7 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits another Philadelphia Family, losing their paternal grandfather to a heart attack eight years ago. He was 74. Bruno, age 47 and Jenna, age 42 have 3 boys: Luther, age 10 1/2, Yoshi, age 4, and Ross, age 2. Yoshi is adopted from Japan and has a hard time speaking English. This causes his confusion and anger as a result of this. He can throw fits, destroy Ross' property, hit, and use a few bad language in Japanese. however he is mostly well-behaved. Ross won't give up his pacifier and is the worst behaved swearing, punching, kicking, menacing Yoshi. Luther, however, is 100% well-behaved. Can Jo help the family? This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Square, Mommy and Me, Learn English, and the Paci-Fairy technique as well as the Thought Box for Luther.

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