The Housecoffee Family is a fanon season 22 episode of Supernanny. Jo helps out a blended family from Hershey, PA. Weapon crafter Tom (41) and mean-spirited mother Zoe (40) leave Lesley (15) as a third parent. They have four more children: Jennifer (11 1/2), Butcher (8), Jayson (6), and Lydia (5). Lesley and Jennifer are well-behaved. However, Butcher, Jayson, and Lydia are anything but. They jump on beds, make people cry by telling fibs that their favorite show is cancelled because Godzilla destroyed a place, play with dangerous belongings, tell people to SUCK THEIR (bleep), (their words, not mine!) call people names, pull hair, swear, and grab people's faces. Jayson also writes on the walls, flip people off, spit people in faces, trip people, and laugh at all bad actions. Can Jo help this family or will things make a turn for the worse?

Discipline techniques: Naughty Grid

Other techniques: Family Time, Group Project, Vandal Disposal.

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