Jo Frost-11-18-11

In this episode, Jo returns to the UK to visit the Horne Family, who lives in London. Jeff (38) and Kathryn (34) have three children that are running rings around them. Sam (13) is the worst-behaved. He has violent outbursts and often punches things with rage. He has been expelled from at least three schools for his behavior. Michaela (10) whines to get her parents' attention, will only spit at Allyson and is always hitting her siblings. But other than that she is well behaved. Allyson (8½) is the only well-behaved child and has an upcoming birthday in a few days. Can Jo teach Jeff and Kathryn to discipline their children correctly or will things get worse?

Discipline techniques used: One-Strike-and-You're-Out (for Sam), Reflection Room (for Michaela) and Lose What You Like Chart (for both Sam and Michaela)

Other techniques used: Family Time, Essay Order and Chore Chart

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