Jo Frost-11-11-11

In this episode, Jo heads off to Boise where she visits divorced mother Sabrina Hooyman (32) and her three children. Eldest child Raul (14) likes to go out with his friends all the time and comes home at all hours of the night, which has caused him to fall behind on his school work. However, it's Sabrina's identical twin daughters Kelly and Emma (11) that are the main problem in the household. They fight with each other, they hit, they scream, they spit and they even throw stuff at their mother. It's gotten so bad that Sabrina has threatened to send all the kids to boarding school in England. Can Jo help this poor unfortunate woman or will she get sent packing?

Discipline used in this episode: Reflection Room and Lose What You Like Chart

Other techniques used: Princess Reward Chart and Homework Area.