Honour Bones (born September 20, 2028 in Sydney, Australia) is the adoptive daughter of Joanne and Louie Bones and the vigintuplet sister of Lark, Audrianna, Kaelen, Kiel, Adaline, Abbey, Adnoartina, Darniel, Lawson, Bruno, Bindi, Lachlan, Elias, Gavin, Jewel, Jody, Jaylen, Hayley and Coleen.



Entering her "Terrible twos" stage, Honour is a very defiant, bossy, rude, whiny child. She will say "no" and throw temper tantrums when things go wrong or if overly tired or frustrated. She also does not like to take turns or wait.

Family TreeEdit


  • Her full name is Honour
  • She receives coal for Christmas 2030
  • For Halloween 2030, she was dressed up as a woodland fairy, complete with a yellow glow wand, glitter gel, black tights and white Mary Jane shoes


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