The Hinon-Keshi Family is an episode of Season 27, Annie travels to New York City, New York to meet a Japanese-American blended family, Hanako, age 26, and Joseph, age 34, have 4 children, Aggie, age 19 (adopted from England, UK), Toshio, age 7, Butch, age 6, and Ashlyn, age 4, Ashlyn is the most badly-behaved child Annie ever came across, she fights, swears, is violent to animals, and refuses to make friends from a different country and does other stuff, Aggie, Toshio, and Butch are well-behaved, Toshio and Satoko don't speak english, Ashlyn got kicked out of 20 schools for her behavior mostly racism, she throws fits to get what she wants, Toshio is from Hanako's previous marriage, and the rest are from Joseph's, Ashlyn also punches Aggie's womb containing upcoming twin sons, can Annie stop this tearaway preschooler?

Disicpline Techique: Naughty Platform (for Ashlyn)

Other Techiques: Same PageThought BoxMommy and Me

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