Hinolair Cap (born April 27, 2027 in Galway, Co. Galway, Ireland) is one of the adoptive sons of Marci and Matthew Cap.


He has orange hair, blue eyes and pale skin with freckles. He wears a green sweater, blue jeans and black shoes.

Family TreeEdit



  • His full name is Hinolair Mitchell Cap
  • For Halloween 2033, he dressed up as the General Mills Lucky Charms leprechaun
  • He receives coal for Christmas 2033
  • He was expelled from 3 schools
  1. PS 185 John M. Langston for setting the principal's car on fire
  2. P.S. 158 for making the whole class watch a disgusting Internet video called 2 Girls, 1 Finger
  3. P.S. 9 Sarah Anderson School for blurting out bad words
  • His favorite TV program is Skunk Fu!
  • His favorite movie is


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