Hideki Shako II (Born April 29th 2013) (Japanese: 車庫英樹, Shako Hideki) is Satoko's 17-year old fourth cousin from Okinawa, like Satoko, he is also famous for movies, but his movies are violent like Satoko's, but less sexually explicit. In the Theory series, he replaced Samuel the Otter in the Team Terrific 10.


Hideki is a young man of average height and weight, he wears a gakuran, which is the Japanese school uniform for boys in Japan, white uwabaki slippers and white socks.

While working for the TT10, he is wearing the IJA-like uniform for the Japanese-speaking corps, much like other Japanese speaking-corps members, he has two Type 94 handguns in the pockets of the uniform, he also wears a peaked-cap


Hideki is shy, timid, quiet, and cautious, unlike his 25-year old 4th cousin, he defends instead of attacks, is less likely to swear


(Here's one problem, I can't be Shako Head of Family, Kiyoshi's family is excluded, but Ryou's family isn't, if your ancestor wasn't heir, then you can't be the heir of the family, but, Satoko made a change in tradition, If her family becomes extinct, then my dynasty starts, but, I'm considered a part of it, I visited her time and time again, I live in a 4-story manor house)

(It's not that Okinawa isn't too fond of the Emperor, Okinawans were told that they weren't Japanese, and were treated like second-class citizens)

(China now claiming Okinawa, Jesus Christ, China! Not everything in the South China Sea is yours! I hate it when they do that!)

(Look, I don't hate the Showa Emperor, I know what went wrong during the war, but, I grew up in this elite family, so, I can't hate the Showa Emperor if I'm from the mainland!)


  • His birthday is on Shōwa Day, which is Emperor Hirohito's birthday, and the Emperor's Birthday until 1989., very similar to Satoko's birthday on Japan Foundation Day
  • He likes Transformers and Japanese horror films, much like his fourth cousin.

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