Jo Frost-11-18-11
Hetzel Family is an episode of Supernanny. 

Nanny Jo Frost returns to the UK to help the Hetzel Family. Chris (32), and Anne-Karen (27) have four children: Michael (4), Tyonne (5), Raistlyn (3), and Michelle (11 months). While Chris is at his job at the bakery, Anne-Karen is a stay-at-home mom who has to deal with all four children by herself. Tyonne, Jadyn, and Michael, run amok, act odd around the clock and do various kinds of stuff, such as throwing things, cursing, acting up in public, screaming, terrorize their baby sister Michelle, throwing tantrums, spitting, and hitting. Can Jo make this family okay or will the terrible toddlers make it "oy vey"?

Discipline techniques: Naughty Zone, Toy Confiscation

Other techniques: Baby Log, Haunted House Reward Chart, Family Time, Roaming Technique

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