The Heart Family is a Fanon season 28 episode of Supernanny. Gloria visits Oakview, CA to meet the Heart Family. Garret, age 39, and Eliza, age 37, have 2 children: Nora, age 17, and Gabriel, age 7. Gabriel is well-behaved, but his big sister is the worst-behaved, true straw that broke the camel's back. If you thought the amok runners from the Kodansa Family,Remano Family, Birou Family, Funnie Family and Kirochu Family were bad, Nora is the cruelest, most violent and the worst-behaved child Gloria has ever meet. Nora is extremely cruel to animals and can even kill them, smashes a countless number of items with pure rage, takes over 10 kinds of drugs, says the most dirtiest, roughest, and most inappropriate sentences anyone could ever say, and has been expelled from all high schools in Oakview, CA alone. She also throws very scary and extremely violent epic tantrums like 2-year-olds and behaves extremely unacceptably at public. She acted like a hurricane twice. Not to mention that she even has a criminal record and is dating her 28-year-old boyfriend, in which Garret and Eliza forbid due to a large age difference. Can Gloria put a stop to Nora's behavior or will Nora only add more damage to the family's relationship?

This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Swivel, Lose What You Like Chart, Get What You Hate Chart, Point Chart, Jumbo Green Smoothie (for Nora), See Me, Hear Me Technique, Thought Box, Upgrade Chart, (for Gabriel), Drug Disposal, Vandal Disposal, and Family Time.

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