Two Years Ago...Edit

[We see a sign called 2 years ago]

And Now...Edit

[Masud screams]

[Rolf hits Greg making him cry]

Lucy: "(bleep)!"

[Mïka cries for her diapers]

[Diego kicks Kim]

Kim: "Mommy! He did it again!"

Announcer: "Gloria returns to the household to try to keep five adopted rebellious toddlers in line."

[Mïka spits in Mulan's face]

Toddler TroublesEdit

[Mïka shouts at Eddie and snatches his beaver plush from him]

Eddie: "Mïka, please give back my beaver plush!"

[Diego spits in Sami's face]

Sami: "Diego, cut it out, mate!"

[Lucy hits Kwang-Sun]

Lucy: "You South Korean (bleep)!"

Kwang-Sun: "OH MY GOD! STOP, LUCY!"

[Rolf beheads Yoshi's Pikachu plush with a knife]

Yoshi: "Iie, not my Pikachu plush!"

[Masud throws his camel plush at Ajit]

Ajit: "MOMMY!"

[Cassie walks into the room]

Cassie: "Kids, what is going on in here?"


Cassie: "Mïka, Diego, Rolf, Lucy, and Masud. All 5 of you, come here."

[The 5 reluctantly go over to Cassie]

Cassie: "Why would you do that? That is not nice."


Mïka: "Mummie, Mïka niet moe!" (Translation: "Mummy, Mïka not tired!")

Cassie: "Mïka, please go to bed. Mommy is not playing games with you."

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