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Getting PreparedEdit

Nicole: "The Hattons Family went on a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico on vacation."

Cassie: "Children, start packing your stuff on what you need and what to take for our cruise! We have to leave in 2 hours flat! We will then go to the airport to Miami, FL!"

Mi-Yung: "Okay, mom!"

The Relatives Get ReadyEdit

Grandma Hilary and Grandpa TomEdit

Nicole: "Cassie's parents began their journey by picking up Jurgen, Shannon and Bill."

[Gramdma Hilary and Grandpa Tom climb into their car]

Grandma Hilary: "I'm really looking forward to this, dear."

Cousin JurgenEdit

[Grandpa Tom's car arrives at Cousin Jurgen's house]

Uncle Bill: "Come on Jurgen, Grandpa Tom is here!"

Jurgen: "Coming, father!"

[Uncle Bill locks the front door]

[Cousin Jurgen and his parents climb into Grandpa Tom's car]

Grandpa Tom: "Next stop, Cassie's house!"

Car TripEdit

[Grandma Hilary and Grandpa Tom's car arrives at the Hattons Household]

[Grandpa Tom honks the horn]

[Cassie hears Grandpa Tom honking the horn]

Cassie: "Come on, children, we're going!"

Laila: "Coming mom!"

Cassie: "Who wants to go into Grandma Hilary and Grandpa Tom's car?"

Mulan: "We do!"

[Mulan, raise their hands]

Cassie: "So that's Mulan, "

[Cut to: Inside Cassie's car]

[Timothy, Sam, are inside Cassie's car]

[Timothy undoes his seatbelt and climbs into Cassie's seat]

Cassie: "Timothy, stay in your seat!"

[Cut to: Inside Grandpa Tom's car]

Mulan: "Are we there yet?"

Grandpa Tom: "Almost there, just 1 more mile to go."

At the AirportEdit

Plane TripEdit

Getting Ready to BoardEdit

[The family is inside a check-in building]

The CruiseEdit

The BahamasEdit

[The family gets changed into their swimsuits]

Cassie: "Who wants to have fun in the beach?"

Mulan: "Me!"


Puerto RicoEdit

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