Time to Go to Grandma Hilary and Grandpa Tom's HouseEdit

Packing ThingsEdit

Cassie: "Children, we're getting ready to go to your grandparents' house. So let's pack our things."

Timothy: "Aw, how come Laila doesn't get to celebrate Christmas with us?"

Cassie: "Because she is a Muslim."

At Grandma's HouseEdit

Mulan: "I can't wait to see Cousin Jurgen tomorrow!"

Mi-Yung: "Me too, Mulan."

Christmas EveEdit

Christmas Eve MorningEdit

[Cousin Jurgen and his parents Bill and Shannon arrive]

Jurgen: "Guten tag, Aunt Cassie."

Cassie: "Guten tag to you, Jurgen."

Christmas Eve DinnerEdit

Christmas DayEdit

Christmas BreakfastEdit

Christmas DinnerEdit

[On the table, there is Cabernet Sauvignon, spinach-Parmesan soufflés and mustard-seed-crusted prime rib roast with Dijon créme fraîche and roasted balsamic onions]

Time to Open Presents and Look in StockingsEdit

Nicole: "The Hattons Family kids and their 14-year-old adoptive cousin from Germany named Jurgen all went down the stairs to open their presents and look in their stockings."

Cassie: "Children, wake up! It's Christmas!"

Hugo: "Si! It's gonna be great!"

Kim: "Yeah! Hooray!"

[Mi-Yung looks in her stocking]

Mi-Ying: "Perfume, Violet Lily Sky travel shower gel, Stress Relief - Eucalyptus Spearmint body hair soap, French Lavendar & Honey body lotion, Japanese Cherry Blossom garden sugar scrub, Malibu Beach pedicure foot cream, Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss Fragrance mist, Warm Vanilla Sugar triple moisture body cream, a green shower sponge, White Citrus luxury bubble bath, a watch, jewelry, a Kick-A** DVD, and a silver bracelet!"

[Mi-Yung opens her presents]

Mi-Yung: "Ooh, peppermints, Coconut Limb Breeze shower gel, fruit necklace, a snow globe, a Wii U, Mad About You Eau de Toilette, an iPod Touch, and more jewelry!"

[Kwang-Sun looks into his stocking]

Kwang-Sun: "OMG! COAL?!"

[Kwang-Sun also finds a note saying in Korean "Kwang-Sun, you have been bad this year. You starved yourself, hurt yourself, and others around you, you also refused to let paramedics help you when you passed out from hunger in a school choir. You need help. Better luck next year. Signed, Santa" in cursive]

Kwang-Sun: "C***."

[Sam looks in his stocking]

Sam: "Horror movie DVDs, candy, Chucky: The Killer DVD collection, Child's Play DVD, a leprechaun figurine, a gift card to Red Robin, a gift card to In N' Out Burger and a Curse of Chucky (Unrated) Blu-Ray."

[Sam opens his presents]

Sam: "More horror movies, horror novels and The Dark Knight Trilogy boxed set!"

[Dani looks in her stocking to find ]

Dani: "."

[Dani opens her presents to find ]

Dani: "."

[Mulan looks in her stocking]

Mulan: "COOL! I got some fortune cookies, some keychains and new ballet slippers!"

[Mulan opens her presents]

Mulan: "WOW! AWESOME! I got How To Write Chinese Characters book, a Bart Simpson plush, baton twirls, an Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray and a Homer Simpson plush."

[Mario opens his presents]

Mario: "I got a stationery set, a Jack*** Presents: Bad Grandpa Blu-Ray, a Bad Santa: Unrated Director's Cut Blu-Ray, a Bad Teacher: Unrated Version Blu-Ray."

[Mario looks in his stocking]

Mario: "An orange, a desktop calendar, a pocket knife, pens, pencils, erasers, a $2 Bill, a wheat penny, beef jerky, dollar coins, pretty stones, a tiny hole puncher, potpourri and highlighters."

[Sami looks in her stocking]

Sami: "Gosh, I only got coal, mate..."

[Sami finds a note from Santa saying "Sami, you have been anything but good this year. You got kicked out of 4 schools, tortured your mother, hurt your siblings, wrote very bad words and beat up the neighborhood kids. Signed, Santa" in cursive]

Sami: "Crikey, this sucks..."

[Cousin Jurgen looks in his stocking]

Cousin Jurgen: "Ja! I got gummy bears, pretzels, a map of Germany and Family Guy DVDs! Danke, Santa!"

[Cousin Jurgen opens his presents]

Cousin Jurgen: "I got a Night Vision Camcorder, a new sled, A Christmas Story DVD!"

[Anna looks in her stocking]

Anna: "" (Translation: "A Lexigo game, a pair of tickets to the Ke$ha concert, a pack of gum, peppermint park, some candy canes and some Disney pins!")

[Anna opens her presents]

Anna: "" (Translation: "My goodness, I got a lovely gift basket! It has fresh fruit, real maple syrup, cheese, crackers, jam and a jar of olives! I even got a teapot and Pyrex baking dishes!")

[Rosa looks in her stocking]

Rosa: "Oh no, I only got coal..."

[Rosa finds a note from Santa saying in Spanish "Rosa, you were so bad this year. You hurt your siblings, got in fights with other kids, tormented your mommy, said very bad words. Signed, Papá Noel" in cursive]

Rosa: "Oh, dear..."

[Yoshi looks in his stocking]

Yoshi: "Hai! I got a Squirtle plush, Pokémon trading cards, a Nintendo 3TS, a Pokémon X game, Pocky Sticks, and Pokémon DVDs!"

[Yoshi opens his presents]

Yoshi: "A Pokémon Y game, Pokemon X game, Pokémon Pokédex training kits, a Dratini plush, a Mime Jr. Plush, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire game, a Chespin plush, Pokémon Energy Battle Arena, Pokemon 4-figure gift set, Pokémon figure 2-pack Chespin vs. Wobbuffet, Pokémon Spring 2013 Tin, Pokémon Pokéball figure carrying case, Pokémon Black and White Deluxe Figures, Pokémon Omega Ruby game, Plush Pikachu backpack, Pokémon Sneak-Peak tin, Pokémon Trainer's Choice Catch N Return Poké Balls, Pokemon Evolution 3-packs, Pokémon transforming Pokéball plush, Shadow Lugia plush, Pokémon Clip N Carry Pokéballs, Pokémon Gadget case, Pokémon mini sticker book, Pokémon CD soundtrack, Pokémon remote controlled training figure, Pokémon Black and White Attack starter set, and Pokémon 3 the Original Soundtrack CD!"

[Hanako looks in her stocking]

Hanako: "Beethoven's Christmas Adventure DVD, a few Pocky sticks and a red envelope full of money!"

[Hanako opens her presents]

Hanako: "Yay! Sonic Christmas Blast DVD, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? DVD, a blue kimono and a jade necklace!"

[Timothy looks in his stocking]


[Timothy finds a note from Santa saying "Timothy, you have been a naughty boy this year. You tortured your mommy, beat up your classmates in school, terrorized the new neighbors' kid and even wrote very bad words. Signed, Santa" in cursive]

Timothy: "This is the worst Christmas ever."

[Hugo looks in his stocking]

Hugo: "Whoa, I got candy canes, some bubble gum, some peppermint bark, Shrek the Halls DVD!"

[Hugo opens his presents]

Hugo: "Cool, I got a Nintendo 3TS XL, an electric guitar, A Christmas Story 2 DVD!"

[Katie looks in her stocking]

Katie: "Mommy, I got Garlands the Mouse TY beanie baby, some candy canes, some candy, The Swan Princess Christmas DVD, a Pinkie Pie plush, My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas DVD, and PB&J Otter DVDs!"

[Katie opens her presents]

Katie: "Mommy, guess what? I got the Alpine the polar bear TY beanie baby, Barbie in the Nutcracker DVD, Chiller the Snowman TY beanie baby, Barbie: A Perfect Christmas DVD, and Strawberry Shortcake: A Berry Merry Christmas DVD!"

[Kim opens her presents]

Kim: "Look, I got a Brainy Smurf bean bag plush, a Clumsy Smurf bean bag plush, a Smurfette plush doll, a Smurfette nightgown, a The Smurfs Race to the Village board game, The Smurfs Movie Smurfette Smurfalicious poster print and a Smurfs hat!"

[Kim looks in her stocking]

Kim: "Yay, I got a Grouchy Smurf bean bag plush, The Smurfs Christmas Carol DVD, The Smurfs movie DVD, The Smurfs DVDs, The Smurfs 2 Blu Ray!"

[Eddie looks in his stocking]

Eddie: "Hooray, I got a Toys R Us gift card, a paint set, a Crayola crayon box, and a moose plush!"

[Eddie opens his presents]

Eddie: "Wow! I got a beaver plush, a hockey stick and puck, a Toronto Blue Jays t-shirt, and a Skyball!"

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