The Hattons Family is an episode of Season 26, Gloria travels to Helena, Montana to meet a single divorced mom Cassie, age 48, who has 18 adopted children from different countries aged 22 months to 18-years old, including 2 sets of twins, and is currently pregnant with a son, Can Gloria help out?

Disipline Techniques: Naughty Swivel (For Dani and Kwang-Sun), Reflection Room (For Sami, Rosa, and Timothy)

Other Techniques: Learn English, Around the World Reward ChartHomework Station,  Video Games TechniqueGood EaterStay in BedBaby Log


Mi-Yung, age 18: From South Korea, 100% well-behaved

Kwang-Sun: age 18, From South Korea, Mi-Yung's twin brother, swears, threatens starvation, and rebels

Sam: age,16, From Ireland, 100% well-behaved

Dani: age 15, From France, refuses to do homework and plays violent video games, such as Halo 3, other than that, she is well-behaved

Mulan, age 13, From China, well-behaved but has a phobia of eating green vegetables, she has Type 1 Diabetes

Mario, age 12: From Italy: Refuses to go to bed

Sami, age 11, From Australia, Got kicked out of 4 schools for her behavior

Laila, age 10, From Saudi Arabia, Well-behaved

Anna, age 9, From Russia, Doesn't understand English but was well-behaved

Rosa, age 8, From Spain, Has the same brain mixed with Imogen from the Panizza Family, and is very spoiled and sntaches toys from the Japanese twins

Yoshi, age 7, From Japan, Well-behaved but constant 3DS using has got Cassie concerned

Hanako, age 7, From Japan, Yoshi's twin sister, Well-behaved but constant 3DS using has got Cassie concerned

Timothy, age 6, From Wales, refuses to share and fights

Hugo, age 5, From Mexico, Well-behaved

Katie, age 4, From Ghana, Well-behaved but refuses to sleep

Kim, age 3, From Vietnam, refuses to nap, otherwise well-behaved.

Eddie, age 2, From Canada, well-behaved

Ajit, age 22 months, From India, well-behaved but doesn't spend much time with his parents

Transcripts in Theory GamesEdit

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