• Sami enjoys cooking
  • Melissa's favorite hobby is scrapbooking
  • Morgan enjoys playing soccer
  • Toshio likes riding his bike
  • John loves going to kindergarten
  • Sheena likes gardening and scrapbooking
  • Yoshi and Satoko enjoy singing karaoke
  • Kobe enjoys coloring
  • John is currently attending St. Rose of Lima School
  • Aini was discovered by a talent agency when she was 18 months old, and she has starred in 30 commercials so far; she also appeared on 45 ads and magazines
  • Aggie and Cassie enjoy watching The Simpsons
  • Tom, who was jealous of Aini's soaring career, started drinking alcohol
  • A list of schools John got kicked out of:
  1. Horace Mann school
  2. The Town School
  3. Holy Cross School
  4. St. Jude School
  5. P.S. 145 the Bloomingdales School
  6. Good Shepherd School
  7. Bank Street School for Children for fighting
  8. St. Elizabeth School
  9. Incarnation School
  10. Our Lady of Lourdes School
  11. Guardian Angel School
  12. St. Luke's School
  13. P.S. 20 Anna Silver for bullying other kids
  14. Our Lady Queen of Angels School
  15. P.S. 9 Sarah Anderson

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