In this episode, Ruth heads to Vermont to help a family in desperate need of help. Zac (41) and Jennifer Hastings (38) have four girls, with three that misbehave. Georgia (15) is well-behaved, Leona (11) refuses to do her homework and uses every swear word in the book, Amie (7) refuses to sleep in her own bed and behaves like a spoilt brat and finally Ginger (4) throws violent fits when things don't go her way. Will Ruth be able to save this family?

Discipline techniques usedEdit

Lose What You Like Chart (for Leona) and Naughty Corner (for Amie and Ginger)

Other techniques usedEdit

Family Time, Chore Buddy System, Homework Area, Stay in Bed, Toy Appreciation Technique, Reward Chart and Green Smoothie

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