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Observation Begins Edit

[Erin is watching TV]

[Rosalynne jumps on Erin]

Erin: "Rosalynne, I'm trying to watch TV. Hi, I'm Erin."

Gloria: "Hi, Erin."

Malvina's Talent Edit

Time to Go to theEdit

Eustace: "No, sorry, not today, we're "

It's Showtime!Edit

Host: "What's your name?"

Erin: "My name is Erin Harper."

Host: "How old are you?"

Erin: "Seventeen."

Host: "And what are you going to do?"

Erin: "I'm going to play the piano, just differently."

Host: Okay, show us. May we have the lights lowered please?"

[The lights lower]

[Erin takes off her socks and shoes and starts playing Fur Elise on the piano with her feet]

Rosalynne: "BOOOOOOO!"

Eustace: "Rosalynne, you need to stop that. It is very rude."

Seanna: "I agree with your father."

[Erin plays the last few notes]

[Audience cheers and applauds]

Host: "What did you think, judges?"

Judge: "That was amazing, I can only play the piano with my hands!"

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