Hao Cap (born August 2, 2029 in Beijing, China) is one of the adoptive sons of Marci and Matthew Cap and the vigintuplet brother of Mulan, Ming-Hoa, Li Ming, Fang, Kong, Da-Xia, Kun, Jing-Wei, Kang, Ling, Xi-Wang, Xiaoping, Mei-Lin, Xin, Zhong, Yan-yan, Piao, Jiao-jie and Zhu. When they were 5 weeks old, they were abandoned by their biological mother due to the one-child policy in China.



Family TreeEdit


In Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit


  • His full name is Hao Tong Cap
  • For Halloween 2033, he was dressed up as a ninja
  • His favorite food is
  • His favorite color is
  • His favorite animal is the panda
  • He is a fan of Kung Fu Panda
  • His favorite movie is Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo
  • His favorite theme park is


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