Hamish Gets Ready for PreschoolEdit

Nicole: "It was January 2036 and Hamish O'Connell is getting ready to go back to Holy Cross Nursery School after the holidays are over."

Gemma drives Hamish to PreschoolEdit

[Hamish, Mimi and Pino go in Gemma's car]

[Gemma helps Hamish to put his seatbelt on]

[Gemma helps Mimi and Pino to put their seatbelts on]

[Gemma drives to Holy Cross Nursery School]

[Gemma, Hamish Mimi and Pino arrive at Holy Cross Nursery School]

Preschool BeginsEdit

Nicole: "Hamish met a bully named Nelly McGowall, who demanded him to give his teddy bear to him."

Nelly: I am going to beat you up if you don't give me that teddy bear Hamish!

Snack TimeEdit

Nicole: "But what Nelly did was that he stole Hamish's snacks and ate them, and it left him upset."

Nelly: "Give me your snacks or else I will beat you up!"

[Nelly begins to steal Hamish's snacks]

Hamish: "Teacher! Nelly took my milk and cookies and ate them all up!"

[The teacher ignores Hamish and she is talking to someone on her cell phone]

Nelly: "I will beat you up real bad if you tell teacher!"

Preschool ContinuesEdit

Outside TimeEdit