Hailey Cloud (born June 4, 2029) is the youngest biological child of John and Agatha Cloud, Sr.


She has a long blonde hair with a fringe, and she wears a shiny pink long dress with a matching pink headband with a bow on the left side.


She is spoiled, dominant, and racist to her family until she changed her ways at the end of the Cloud Family episode.

Family TreeEdit


  • Janie Walker - her friend lives across the street from the Cloud residence. However, they do get into a fight on occasions.

In Supernanny MysteriesEdit


  • Her full name is Hailey Megan Cloud
  • Her favorite movie is My Little Pony: The Movie
  • She receives nothing but coal for Christmas 2034
  • She was expelled from 8 schools:
  1. Cornerstone for setting the teacher's car on fire
  2. St. Andrew School for replacing her class' hamster with a bunch of rabies-infected rats in the hamster cage and releasing them from the cage and letting them bite her classmates
  3. Jim Darcy School for bullying a Russian-born girl who has dyslexia named Kristine.
  4. Hawthorne School for performing the Harlem Shake dance naked during an assembly 
  5. Smith School for making a mess in the Cafeteria
  6. Jefferson School for bullying other children
  7. Warren School for flashing out her private parts to her classmates
  8. Christ's Church Academy for making the class watch disgusting YouTube videos
  • She hates Chuck E. Cheese, and says that it is cheap and poor.
  • She enjoys torturing her mother and hurting her siblings
  • She hates Ni Hao, Kai Lan, and calls it stupid and babyish
  • She refuses to be a vegetarian like the rest of the family
  • Her favorite game is Mad Libs
  • She is a huge fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on The Hub, which is also her favorite TV show.