The Gritzel Family is a Fanon Season 30 episode of Supernanny. Kimberley Joseph travels to San Juan, Puerto Rico to meet the Gritzel Family, who moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tyler, age 49, and Amber, age 46, have 10 children and 1 grandchild: Mackenzie, age 22, Charlie, age 18, Val (Valerie), age 14, Marilyn, age 11, Cooper, age 9, Sheila, age 7, Woodrow, age 5, Natalie, age 3, Ginny, age 2, and Jaret, age 1. Mackenzie has a son named Corban, age 10 months. Mackenzie, Charlie, Cooper, and Corban are the only well-behaved children in the house. Val cuts school to Señor Frog's to flirt with her 25-year-old boyfriend Marco. Marilyn trashes her siblings' rooms and shows a lack of respect for authority, but other than that, she is sometimes well-behaved. Sheila, Woodrow, Natalie, and Ginny all snack on junk food, run in the streets, pull hair, shout, cry for attention, and do all other stuff. Jaret is beginning to take after the other amok runners by trying to copy their behaviors. Will Kimberley be able to turn the tide so that the family is saved once and for all?

This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Swivel (for Valerie), Calm Down Zone (for Marilyn and Sheila), Naughty Spot (for Woodrow, Natalie, and Ginny), Naughty Pit (for Jaret), Baby Log, Friends Technique, Vandal Disposal Technique, Good Eater, Snack Box Technique, Roaming Technique, and Sweethearts Technique.