Greg Patrick Albert (nee Jones) (born 16th July 2018 or 16th July 1998) is a Canadian manny from British Columbia.

Early LifeEdit

He was born in British Columbia to a French mother and a Canadian father. At age 2, in 2000 or 2020, his mother died in a plane crash while flying to Iraq. He will live with his father and a stepmother in 2003 or 2023.


He worked as a manny in 2012 at age 13, then he worked as a TV personality in 2012. He joined MultiNanny 24-7 in 2012, but did not return for 2013, due to it being the "couples season", and it's illegal to date or wed at age 17 or under.


He ususally wears a red button-up shirt, blue jeans and black shoes

Personal LifeEdit

He is dating Frida Patrick, a maid.

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