Jo returns to the Gravillis Family to see how they are doing. Siobhan (26) and her husband Harry O'Driscoll (27) have two children Reggie (3) and Curtis (1). Reggie is very, very bad. As for Conor (23) and Aedan (21) who are both well-behaved, it's Marissa (14) and Larson (10) who are causing mayhem in the household. Marissa does drugs and Larson is the worst-behaved. Siobhan recently lost her 3-month-old son Sean to Shaken Baby Syndrome because of Marissa.

Discipline techniques: Naughty Tuffet (for Marissa and Larson), and Naughty Pit (for Reggie).

Other Techniques: De-Clutter Technique, No-Go Zone Technique

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