Christmas PlayEdit

Getting ReadyEdit

Amy: "Gotta run! I'll see you when the play ends."

[Amy hangs up her phone]

Nick: "I know Mom."

[Nick gets a wooden stick outside]

Emma: "Mommy..."

Amy: "What?"

Emma: "Can't I just stay home?"

Amy: "No, you may not trust yourself to stay at home, sweetie."

Nick: "I want to go to Chuck E. Cheese..."


The PlayEdit

[Nick carries the stick with him at his seat]

Nick: "I'd rather leave this building and watch Ed, Edd n' Eddy."

[Lester sees the popcorn machine]


[Nick, Emma, Carmen and Kyle run over to popcorn machine]

[They make a huge mess by spilling all of the popcorn out of it]

[High school inspector arrives]

[Nick, Carmen, Kyle and Emma cover the mess with a newspaper]

High school inspector: "Carry on, and I will ask all of you 4 to stay out in the halls and think on what you did."


[High school inspector ignores the insult]

High school inspector: "Get back to the gym or I will force you to."

[Nick, Emma, Kyle and Carmen are taken to the gym by the high school inspector]

[Nick gets on his MP3 and plays Then the Morning Comes by Smash Mouth with no headphones and plays it loudly]

[It distracts everyone]

Russ: "What in the name of Helena is going on?!"

Nick/Carmen/Emma/Kyle (singing): "The way that you walk, it's just the way that you talk like it ain't no thing, and every single day is just a fling. Then the morning comes."

[Russ pauses the song and takes away the MP3]

[Nick takes the stick]

[Nick throws the stick]

[A teenager named Kevin trips on the same stick]

Benedict: "Are you okay?"

Kevin: "Uh, I guess so."

[The 4 amok runners go to the control room and push various buttons, causing the lights and the equipment to become corrupted]

School mechanic: "Excuse me, you 4, get out of the control room or else I will place you out in the halls."

Amy: "What's happening?"

[Kyle throws the stick a teenager named Zack but this time he gets hurt badly unlike Kevin]

Zack: "God(bleep) stick!"

Nick: "That's my boy!"


Russ: "This is absolutely the last play we ever take you kids to for a long time."

Amy:"As punishment, you will not play video games for the rest of the year, you won't watch TV for the rest of the year as well, and your toys will be all gone for the rest of the year. And no dessert after dinner."

Nick/Carmen/Kyle/Emma: "Awwww!"

Time to Go to Grandpa Edward's HouseEdit

[Everybody is in the car]

Amy: "You must behave as well as you can, kids."

Katie and Benedict: "We promise."

[Carmen hits Benedict in the face with a small hockey stick]

Christmas EveEdit

Christmas DayEdit

Time to Open PresentsEdit

Angelica:I hope I get a new Barbie doll!

Kyle:I hope I get a Power Rangers video!

Carmen:I hope I get a IPad 13!

Nick:I hope I get a gift card to Chuck E. Cheese.....

[Benedict opens his presents]

Benedict: "Boo-yah! I got all of The Simpsons DVDs, a Nightmare on Elm Street t-shirt, a gift card to GameStop, and some money!"

[Katie opens her presents]

Katie: "What's this?"

The Missing PresentsEdit

[A figure sneaks over towards the tree and takes the cousins' presents]

[The figure appears to be Nick]

[Timothy notices his presents missing]

Timothy: "Grandpa Edward, my presents are all gone!"

Grandpa Edward: "Let's see who took them, shall we?"

[Randy runs over to Grandpa Edward]

Randy: "Grandpa Edward! Somebody took my presents!"

Grandpa Edward: " "

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